Jack Franks’ Friends Follow Rahm Emmanuel’s Distraction Technique

On August 23rd, Judge Costello will hold a hearing on McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio’s suit against the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

This is the group that sent scurrilous mailings against Tirio and six Republican Party County Board candidates up for election who were most active in opposing Board Chairman Jack Franks’ patronage hires and other pet projects.

Jeffrey Litche was on the Jack Franks’ clean-up crew at the Franks’ McHenry Town Hall Meeting.

It is not an understatement to say that Jack Franks’ supporters tried to disrupt the Republican Party Primary Election

It’s a different version of running an invisible candidate, his parade driver Jeff Litche, in 2016 against the real Republican candidate Steve Reick.

(Here’s a sample of the over $50,000 or so  allies of Jack Franks spent for direct mail, robo-calls, and radio ads the week before the election in an attempt to give Jack Franks no real GOP opponent when he ran for re-election as State Rep.  Franks was following Mike Madigan’s example. And, yes, Franks was running for re-election two years ago before he decided to run for County Board Chairman.)

Now Jack Franks cat’x paw Ronald Eck has filed Illinois State Board of Elections’ complaints against Joe Tirio and the Republican Party concerning the financing of the suit eing heard on August 23rd.

That is so reminiscent of the way Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel pulls projects out of the hat when the street murder issue gets hot.

Eck is the same one who filed complaints  against Mike Walkup, Jack Franks’ Republican Party opponent last year.

Carpenters Union official Eck has lent his name to Jack Franks Host Committee and filed the complaint against Steve Reick’s petitions when he was running against Jack Franks for State Representative in 2016.

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Jack Franks’ Friends Follow Rahm Emmanuel’s Distraction Technique — 5 Comments

  1. It stands to reason that any candidate wouldn’t use such dirty tactics unless they thought it’s the only chance they have to win.

    Why hide?

    Why lie?

    if you can stand on your ideas for better government?

  2. Also, according to your link, he failed to show up for any of the complaints he filed, resulting in them being dismissed.

  3. The purppse of this is so they can do a mailer saying that Joe is “under investigation by the State Board for campaign violations.”

  4. Is it true, Retired Sheriff Keith Nygren,has gone to work for Rahm Emmanuel, in some capacity?

  5. Anotherwatcher, that’s old news. Nygren’s been on the Franks’ payroll since 2017.

    What the hell is he even doing here with a bad ticker and not at one of his luxurious vacation pads … like the one he worked from in Florida for the last years of his reign of nonexistent crimefighting.

    He’d always get comped at that good seafood restaurant in Algonquin …. that is until he showed up at that well too often and the owner finally presented him with a bill (well, he brought a party of 5!). nygren was real mad about and left in a huff ‘Don’t you like me any more?’ he said.

    But the restauranteur said he had bills, too.

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