The Question of Who Can Enter the Algonquin Highway Department Office

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission:

Algonquin Township – “How about you just physically spit in my face Chuck.”

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Let the unprofessional behavior and infighting begin!

In yet another stellar example of arrogance and total disregard for even the slightest amount of professionalism,

Karen Lukasik has once again set the bar even lower, if that is possible.

It all started with one email from Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow:

“FYI, Andrew fired his assistant Dorothy this am.  I am allowing Ryan access today so he can train Colleen.  He will enter and exit thru Andrew’s side door.”

Charles A. Lutzow, Jr.
Algonquin Township Supervisor

Lutzow fails to realize he has no power to ban a person from a public building.

Such action is what Courts are for.

Lutzow’s ban is meaningless without a court order restraining a person from entering into the public building, which we understand has not occurred.

Lifting that self-imposed ban has hit some real nerves in the Township.

When Lutzow emailed his communication to Lukasik, all the trustees, and the Road District Highway Commissioner, the infighting began with an email from the Township Clerk, Karen Lukasik.

The content of the email appears to imply this action is the beginning of something to come.

“How about you just physically spit in my face Chuck.  Thanks appreciate that.  You made your decision. You are stupid if you think this is the end.  It’s just the beginning of more hell.  You have no integrity”

Email exchange between Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik and Supervisor Chuck Lutzow.

Why is permitting a Road District employee into a public building so dramatic?

How does Lutzow’s action point to him having no integrity?


Is this Clerk actually going to question others integrity?  If you don’t think that is the pot calling the kettle black, review the history we exposed relating to Clerk Lukasik at this link.

According to Trustee Victor, she has called for Lutzow to step down, although for different reasons than ours.

Victor claims Lutzow has gone back on his word and also does not enforce motions the trustees vote on nor hold any control at the meetings.

She closed out her Facebook rant with “Please do the right thing and resign”

Right Thing? 

Would doing the right thing include complying with the law?

The very person calling out others and demanding they do the right thing, Melissa Victor, a sitting Algonquin Township Trustee filed a false and incomplete SEI with the County Clerk in April of 2018.

We exposed that in this article.

Was that the right thing Ms. Victor?

While this group of Clowns continues to provide a true three-ring circus to the local taxpayers, may we suggest they all take a hard look in the mirror before they go public with their demands of others?

Stay tuned for the breaking story from under the Big Top on Attorney Kelly’s needless motion to the courts.

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The Question of Who Can Enter the Algonquin Highway Department Office — 12 Comments

  1. Another person throwing the word integrity around like she knows what it means.

    Please resign you are a complete joke.

    If anyone presently involved in the running of the township had any integrity they would resign.

  2. So happy I voted for Andrew Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, and Melissa Sanchez-Fischer.

    Talking about this today as we enjoyed our highway department cleaning up our new road.

    Most of the neighbors voted for Karen. They are absolutely astounded at the clerk’s behavior.

    Threatening to destroy records on social media.




    Not being transparent and refusing to record meetings after spending $2,000 on new equipment.

    Completely unprofessional behavior.

    I hope the rumors are not true and that Mr. Gasser you continue to serve.

    The silent majority is with you.

    How the trustees can tolerate this behavior is beyond me.

    Could you imagine if Gasser did this?

  3. The stress of being a Township Clerk is obviously too much for her to handle.

    She tried reducing her workload, but that hasn’t appeared to help.

    Karen should really just cut her losses at this point and do herself and the township a favor.

  4. It is my understanding that Clerk Lukasik never shows up for work.

    Does anyone know if Trustee Victor ever shows up at the township?

    We deserve better.

  5. Clowns is the perfect description for the Lutzow, Victor and, of course, our low IQ township clerk Lukasik.

  6. It is no secret that the Edgar Co Dogs and this Blog have it in for Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.

    These media outlets have put Lukasik in no less than eight times each with drama filled headlines, click bait bylines, and pictures of Lukasik that are less than flattering.

    NWH, EC Dogs, and McH Co blog all are stellar examples of arrogance and total disregard for even the slightest amount of professionalism.

    Be Blessed.

  7. Algonquin Township needs to be abolished.

    The Freak Show is no longer amusing.

    I pity Andy trying to bring order to a fundamentally flawed, costly, useless and obsolete governmental form.

  8. I’ll do her one better…she makes me want to vomit, and I don’t even live in Algonquin Township.

  9. I live too blocks from the Algonquin Towshp line.

    But I can smell her.

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