Route 31 McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Supporters Threatened

From Republican Precinct Committeeman Jamie Grubich:

Demonstrators threatened with arrest by city alderman

Not only is the consolidation group writing letters to the editor, but it is demonstrating on Route 31.

On Sunday, August 12, 2018, after church, fourteen friends, family members and pets gathered for a one hour peaceful demonstration to create additional awareness among McHenry residents for the group Citizens for Consolidation whose aim is to get more taxpayers involved with local initiatives for better governance through consolidation measures to eliminate redundant, inefficient, layers of government .

With 10 minutes left of our planned demonstration, McHenry City Alderman Andy Glab arrived at our location on North Richmond Road and Blake Boulevard in front of Meijer Foods with I-pad in hand and proceeded to walk among us taking pictures of everyone in our group and all of our signage telling us

  • that we were not allowed to be there,
  • that our signs were not allowed in the right of way in the public easement and
  • threatening us with arrest for violating the law.

Earlier that hour a policeman drove by on his way into the nearby gas station and did not stop at all to question us about our peaceful demonstration so we were surprised by the threatening behavior of Alderman Glab.

Dogs for consolidation?

His photographing of every individual in our group left one of our seniors very distraught and one of the children in tears which then upset the dogs.

We left the area at the planned time of 11:00. Alderman Glab waited nearby in his car at the edge of the Meijer parking lot and watched as our group departed the area.

As a McHenry resident and a taxpayer, do I not have a First Amendment right in McHenry?


Route 31 McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Supporters Threatened — 26 Comments

  1. Go Jamie go.

    From the seniors to the pups bravo to all of you for standing out in the hot sun to help make a difference in McHenry Township.

    Sounds like Glab is trying to use the same tough guy tactics the township uses on anyone who questions them.

    Don’t be discouraged.

    Right is might.

  2. You guys felt threatened by a guy with an iPad?

    Good gosh, the horror.

  3. Perhaps a little bit of diplomacy should of been used, but the citizens of McHenry should be happy that McHenry City Alderman Andy Glab was willing to help law enforcement do their jobs.

    Signs in the ROW cause sight distance problems at times and are illegal in most ROW’s.

  4. If the alderman set out to inform the group of the possible danger of their location, he would’ve done just that.

    Instead he chose to attempt intimidation by taking everyone’s picture.

    Obviously upsetting children.

    Way to go.

  5. Sounds just like what happened with the township thugs at a meeting when they threatened public speakers and a cameraman;

    Except it was “OK” for one of their wives to attack a man with a Camera bc she didn’t care for her picture being taken and didn’t approve it. Hmmmm

  6. Glab loves to threaten people who disagree with him.

    –Been doing at Whispering Oaks for quite some time.

    I should know, he threatened me.

    He has quite a reputation on the City Council, and it isn’t a good one.

    He was ex-Mayor Low’s pet.

  7. First, know that if you’re out in public you might get some jerk, like Angry Andy Glab, doing stuff like this.

    They have rights too.

    They can yell at you.

    They can take pictures.

    You being uncomfortable doesn’t take away their rights.

    But this is low, Glab. You look like a total asshole. Thanks for helping the consolidation effort, tough guy!

  8. Andy Glab must be forgiven for his increasingly disturbing behavior.

    He can’t help it. I blame his decline on his bizarre habit of sticking his tongue into electrical outlets on a frequent basis. Even 20 amp outlets!

    This weird behavior seems to have caused some sort of neurological damage.

    Andy is also a well-known and rabid atheist, as his brother (Rev. Stephen Glab), a priest in this diocese, readily can confirm.

  9. You CAN demonstrate on the public easement.

    That’s what the “Rat” union guys do/

  10. Welcome to America today.

    Where locals do their part to drain the swamp and I Pad wielding City Council goobers, refill it.

  11. Concerned get your facts straight first.

    Mr Rooney was taking pictures right in her face.

    She felt threatened so she pushed the iPad away and mr Rooney freaked out claiming she assaulted him.

    I was there and saw the whole thing.

    He is a big cry baby just like bob. claiming the Senior was distraught.

    Well if you don’t want attention don’t stand out on 31 with signs!!!

    Go back to doing shitty haircuts Bob!!

  12. So if Glab was so deeply concerned about the matter why did he not call the police
    and have them resolve the matter ?

    Glab is nothing more than a cowardly self-serving political punk posing as a public servant.

  13. Machone, Machone, your blood pressure is reaching dangerous levels!

  14. Please take Notice:

    The Constitutions (IL and Federal) have been Suspended Indefinitely by Order of Alderman Andrew Glab.

    If you want to peaceably assemble, please submit your issue (pro-abortion, anti-abortion, pro homosexual agenda taught in the public schools, anti-homosexual agenda taught in the public schools, pro more tax hikes, anti more tax hikes, etc., etc.), Andrew Glab will then determine IF you have the right at all. if, so, he will then decide what’s acceptable on signs, number of people, what can be said, etc.

    This applies to all aggrieved citizens seeking redress from the Government, too.

    /s/ Andrew Glab, Municipal Chief, McHenry Political Police

  15. Andrew Glab, really?

    Anything he’s against, I’m for & vice versa

  16. Glab likes to blab.

    Glab is not Good.

    Glab is a stranger to the World of Reality.

    When Al Jourdan expired, he cried at the funeral.

    When METRA Executive Phil Pagano committed railway suicide, he cried at the funeral.

    Glab put in for a spot on the Metra Board.

    Glab’s attempts for pork were thwarted.

    Glab is sad.

    Glab likes to make noise at McHenry City Council meetings.

    The lawyer of the City says “Glab should be appointed sidewalk Supt.”

    Glab feels he was born into the wrong time, and would have been an important explorer in an earlier age.

    Glab lost a lot of money in the stock market– when the market was doing good, last year!

    Glab just wants to be an important person.

    Why can’t Jaime just ‘play along’ with Glab, and say, “You’re right Alderman Glab, you’re always right. What was I thinking? Can I have your autograph?”

    –Then Glab would cool down and tell you all about when he ran a rubber plantation in Indonesia.

    But Glab’s never been in Indonesia.

    Go figure.

  17. Glab Just Wants to Have Fun (Later Changed to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, but these are the original artist’s lyrics, from 1984.

    by Cyndi Lauper

    He sneaks home in the morning light
    Mamma Glab says when you gonna live your life right?

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    The phone rings in the middle of the night
    Papa Glab yells what you gonna do with your life?

    Oh daddy dear I’ll never be like your favorite son
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    Glab — he wants
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    Some boys like Glab take a ‘beautiful mind’
    And hide it away from the rest of the world

    Glab wants to be the number one boy to walk in the sun!

    Oh Andy Glab just wants to have fun
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    That’s all he really wants
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    Glab, he wants —
    Wanna have fun

  18. Leave old Glab alone.

    When he’s gone you’d wish he wuz back ’cause of all the laughs and zany Glab escapades.

    He should be appointed McHenry’s official Town Clown.

    Mayor Jett has suggested it at televised City Council Meetings, but I don’t think Jett was trying to be funny.

    He was serious.

  19. Have to agree with a call to the police would have been proper and “civil” method to raise question as to whether or not the protest location was legal. Police would know. There is no need for private citizens doing confrontational things when there is no immediate threat to anyone.

  20. Agree Bred. Glab, what a gooney bird.

    He has no authority with the instance of peaceful protesters.

    Someone should let him know.

    He’s not even qualified to be a keystone cop.

  21. Oh machone, I was there and we all witnessed what happened with the township thugs an the “iPad” but somehow it’s much different! Mrs. Condom go back home

  22. Let’s all chip in and give him a month’s supply of adult diapers and children’s Happy Meals.

  23. If I am Mrs. Condon then you must be Steve Verr self proclaimed ex CIA member and bobs candidate for township trustee.

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