Harvard Police Blotter

For those who think Harvard Police only arrest Hispanics, take a look at the defendants below:


On 08-05-18 at 0322hrs, Clifford E. Powell (m-54yoa), 28 1⁄2 #2 N. Ayer St., Harvard was arrested on two counts of Domestic Battery after he allegedly grabbed and struck a household member causing injury. Powell was transported to the County jail in lieu of bond.


On 08-08-18 at 1024hrs, Trina M. Bruhnsen (f-41yoa), 69 1⁄2 N. Ayer St, Harvard was arrested on a warrant for Retail Theft after Police had contact with her for a rescue call. Bruhnsen was not able to post the $150.00 for bond and transported to the County jail.


On 08-09-18 at 0156hrs, Brian H. Martin (m-45yoa), 10410 Fair Ln, Huntley, IL, was arrested on a warrant for Retail Theft after Police observed him driving near the intersection of N. Division St. and N. Johnson St. Martin was able to post the $150.00 bond and was released with a court date of 08-22-18 at 1330hrs at the County Courthouse


On 08-09-18 at 1557hrs, Timothy J. Meijer (m-30yoa), 805 Garfield St, Harvard was arrested on a warrant for Retail Theft and a warrant for Driving While License Suspended after he was observed driving a Beige Honda in the 1000blk of University St. Meijer was also issued citations for Driving While License Suspended, Operate Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Driving with Expired Registration, and Failure to notify Secretary of State of Address Change. Meijer was able to post the $300.00 bond for the warrants and was released with a court date of 08-29-18 at 1330hrs at the County Courthouse. Meijer was also able to post the $150.00 bond for Driving While License Suspended and was released with a court date of 09-12-18 at 1330hrs at the County Courthouse.


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  1. Any bloggers in the list? Stay tuned…83 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  2. That’s just the point, the big drug peddlers in the Harvard area are almost invariably Hispanic, yet THEY never appear on police blotters?

    Gee, I wonder why.

    All the local cops know just who they are.

    “We need evidence to get good arrests!” they bleat.

    All they have to do is put them under surveillance for a couple weeks, obtain good warrants based on the observations, and voila, ‘good arrests with the damning seized goods and weapons’.

    It ain’t rocket science.

    The same types of narco corruption from the narco states of Michoacán, Chichuahua, Sinaloa, etc., have crept gradually into our County.

    Some of the blame can be heaped on Nygren, but not all.

    The drug house on Short St., Crystal Lake (only house on street) is a legendary drug house, but was a ‘no go’ since Nygren was CL Police Chief, a long, long time ago!

    Wake up People. None of this happened overnight.

    I’ve been watching this County slide into Hell for over 30 years.

    Just look at our wonderful State’s Atty and his strained and pathetic lengthy written ‘explanation’ as to why official corruption in Algonquin Township can’t be prosecuted.

    Even when it’s handed to him on a silver platter.

  3. Build the wall!

    Hultgren is afraid ‘to go there.’

    RINO wimp First Class!

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