Algonquin Township Senior Bus Running on Deadline Day

I was out and about on Friday and stopped next to the Algonquin Township Senior Bus at the Congress Parkway and Main Street light in Crystal Lake.

Algonquin Township Bus on August 17th, the day that Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser wrote would be its last day.

According to the email released by Township Trustee Melissa Victor at the last Township Board meeting, Friday was supposed to the be the last day the buses would be running.


Algonquin Township Senior Bus Running on Deadline Day — 7 Comments

  1. Those buses are always empty.

    What a drain on the taxpayers.

    Who gave townships the authority to create bus lines any way?

  2. Thank you!

    I tried to schedule my father 1 time for a doctor visit in a wheelchair and you’d think I’d asked for the moon!

    Seems it is reserved for “certain” people on a regular basis.

    At least back in the Miller era.

  3. What could be more republikkklanish and compassionate than cutting services to seniors? Stay tuned…79 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Give the seniors Uber/Lyft vouchers, save BIG money.

    Why are these buses always empty?

    That the big quest the Township pukes won’t answer.

  5. Why doesn’t the township launch an airline, too. Yes, I know, the township officials will sit in first class, but can we get a ride in coach?

  6. Maybe the township should get into the commercial lobster raising business too.

    They’ve done pretty good raising locusts for years, locusts who eat up my savings.

    With lobsters, the townships could at least stage an “annual township clambake’ complete with butter and lobster bibs, and we could get back a small portion of our squandered township property taxes in a seafood meal.

    The township supervisors could all wear golden crowns at this event, and Mrs. Pershke can sell her horseshoe crab-cakes, too.

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