McHenry Township Board to Pick Replacement Trustee Thursday Night

Elected officials and McHenry Township Board before Bill Cunningham resigned. Cunningham is the third from the right.

A meeting notice and agenda posted on the McHenry Township web site says that the Board will be picking a replacement for resigned Trustee Bill Cunningham at 6 PM on Thursday night.

Six have officially applied for the post:

  • Gary S .Barla, Johnsburg
  • Mark R. Jaeger, McHenry
  • John Macrito,  McHenry
  • JoAnne Neumann, Johnsburg
  • Neal Schepler, McHenry
  • Steven R. Verr, McHenry

Four were recommended by the McHenry Township Republican Central Committee:

  • Mark Jaeger
  • Gary Barla
  • Neal Schepler
  • John Macrito

Neumann and Verr did not submit their names to the GOP Central Committee.

Trustees Mike Rakestraw and Bob Anderson called the Thursday night meeting.


McHenry Township Board to Pick Replacement Trustee Thursday Night — 20 Comments

  1. Verr.

    All the way.

    Hetterman’s candidate, Barla, is a proven liar and sold us out on the school board.

    Adams’ candidate Macrito, his wife works for Adams as a Township employee and Adams ass’t.

    Yeah, a real nepotistic scam.

    Macrito will be a real independent voice, NOT!

  2. To appoint Steve Verr on Thursday night would be a clear case of patronage.

    For months before Cunningham had even resigned, there were rumors that he was going to resign and move to Wisconsin, and that the board would appoint Steve Verr as the replacement.

    It was even mentioned in public comment a few times.

    Now Cunningham has resigned.

    When the party asked for applications, Steve Verr didn’t even bother to apply and go through the process to be vetted.

    At the meeting on Monday, the board voted to conduct the interviews in public, but when it was time for Steve’s interview, he wouldn’t do it in open session.

    Now Bob wants to cut off the interviews, and not even bother to see if there is a better candidate among those who applied.

  3. Erik Sivertsen is a complete liar, he defrauded people by telling them they didn’t have to file anything with the township just with him for the Party.

    But that was his way to stop anybody HE didn’t approve of.

    Macrito’s wife works for the township, but that’s OK with Sivertsen.

  4. I’ve voted for Verr several times.

    Unfortunately he has lost two big elections by very narrow margins.

    His experience and qualifications put him far above any of the people listed in the paper.

    Common sense, taxpayers!

  5. The NWH is reporting today that Adams is complaining about the process, calling it a “back room deal”.

    when have such replacements not been decided in advance behind closed doors.

    You only complain about it when you are the one being shut out of the room.

  6. Looks like the township crooks, Condon & Co. (hirer of disgraced crook Bobby Miller) isn’t going to get his way.

    Watch out for his patronage thugs who work for the Township Rd dist and other township road districts.

    They like to threaten and intimidate.

  7. Althoff backs Barla.

    That’s all you need to know.

    We don’t need any more RINOs anywhere in IL gov’t.

  8. ‘Erik’ doesn’t even know what patronage is.

    — the trustee job pays zero

    I though Erik Sivertsen was a conservative. Guess not.

    Does he smell a Township Supervisor’s job down the line?

    Whoever Anderson picks will be best.

  9. The McHenry Township Trustees get paid, but I don’t know how much.

    The Trustees elected in 2021 will get paid nothing.

  10. How can this Mr. Barla, who was rejected for the Trustee spot, as an ‘Independent’ suddenly become a Republican?

    A leopard cannot change it’s spots

    Go Bob Anderson

  11. Mr. Whalen, I did not lie to anyone.

    You did not even finish your questionnaire for the party’s recommendation.

    You were eliminated based on your voting history as a Democrat.

    Please stop the false accusations.

    Thank You.

  12. This trustee position is a paid position.

    Patronage does not only apply to paid positions.

    It is simply giving special privileges to someone who helped you to get elected.

    By interviewing Steve in closed session and not finishing the rest of the interviews Bob is doing a disservice to the citizens.

    All 4 candidates that were recommended by the party were not selected by any one person they were selected by a thorough and transparent process and by the McHenry Township GOP, NOT by any particular person, but by a whole committee representing the interests of citizens from all over the township.

  13. Gary Batla has a long history as a Republican.

    He has a history of voting in Republican primaries,holding public office as a Republican, and is also a Republican Comitteeman.

    If you are familiar wigh the circumstances of that election, you will remember that Steve Verr and Bob Anderson were insturmental in taking away the rights of the average voter and giving themselves weighted votes to get on the ballot.

  14. Bob is always screaming about nepotism and patronage but when it’s suits him it’s ok huh?

    What a joke Steve verr is.

    He lost as a precinct committeeman is that who we want as a trustee?

    He goes around and tells people he is in the CIA the guy is a total lunatic.

  15. Good job Eric glad to see someone here is thinking about the taxpayers instead of themselves.

    Why is Bob and company afraid to interview the other candidates?

  16. Ah, Mrs. Condon (Machone), you are understandably upset to have any changes made in the tight little township club.

    Let’s see though, “nepotism and patronage”…Anderson and Steve Verr???

    As far as I can tell they’re not related, unlike your husband hiring your son or Lesperance hiring your son or your husband hiring Lesperance’s son or both Lesperance and your husband both hiring the crooked Bob Miller…now that’s nepotism and patronage…the township way!

    Something we can all look at with pride from the form of government “closest to the people!”

  17. Haha thewatcher mr Condon never hired anyone he was related to.

    His son worked part time for one summer mowing grass in the parks.

    You must be on Bobs back pocket!

    Only patronage when it suits you huh?

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