Local 150 Goals in Algonquin Township Road District Case

It’s pretty obvious that Local 150 of the Operating Engineers wants to be recognized by the Algonquin Township Road District, but a February 14, 2018, letter to Andrew Gasser Attorney Robert Hanlon adds detail.

The letter was in reply to a settlement offer from Hanlon.

This seems to be the paragraph relevant to the Road District’s loss in court on Tuesday:

Paragraph in Feb. 14, 2018, letter from Local 150 in reply to Road District settlement inquiry.

A figure in excess of “one million dollars–not including attorneys’ fees” is mentioned.

Three employees were fired by Gasser the day he took office:

  • Andrew Rosencrans, Bob Miller son-in-law
  • Derek Lee, Bob Miller son-in-law
  • Nick Chirikos, an entry level employee and former Democratic Party County Board member hired  after Bob Miller’s primary election loss

If the case is not appealed during the thirty day period in which that is allowed, salary and benefits for about sixteen months would be coming to the three.

Below is a mailing from which one may estimate how much the sons-in-law would be getting:

Election mailing showing the compensation of the four members of the Bob Miller family on the Algonquin Township Highway Department payroll.

The type is pretty small, so here is an enlargement:

Bob Miller family compensation fro Algonquin Township.


Local 150 Goals in Algonquin Township Road District Case — 6 Comments

  1. The NorthWorst has run a gloating story on this.

    To be clear, there was NEVER any chance that this would be successful.

    The law is clear.

    The Road Commissioner had complete authority to agree to a union contract and it was not necessary to get approval from the township board.

    That’s one of the reasons for trying to consolidate the Road District with township government.

    This was a delaying tactic, pure and simple.

    Maybe this will finally allow the township board to move forward on a referendum.

  2. **This was a delaying tactic, pure and simple.**

    I agree with you that this case never had a chance of being successful.

    BUT…this case has become a VERY expensice delaying tactic.

  3. That election mailer of Gassers was no different than fake news and really lacked for ethics also.

    The use of nepotism is misused a few times in that mailer.

    The Township board set and controlled Bob’s wages, not some family member.

    The Roads in Alg twh cost more because they are the widest and best maintained in the county, nepotism has nothing to do with that fact.

    Now that Gasser has taken over, how does Alg Twh compare to the other townships for costs per mile?

    Gasser has added more miles and increased the responsibilities of the Highway Dept, spreading funds over a broader area, services will have to be cut or taxation increased.

  4. Something I’d love for Gasser to answer. Which is worse, and why:

    – Continuing to employ someone after they become family of the boss

    – Firing someone simply because they are the family member of your political opponent

    I know which one I think is worse…

  5. Never had a chance of being successful, yet Gasser went ahead with it anyways costing the Township tons of money in the process.

    “Tax fighter” sure will be costing the tax payers just for the end goal of consolidation.

  6. The clock on appeal has yet to begin as there was no FINAL ORDER. In fact, there are no less than 3 First Impression elements in this case.

    While there appears to be a lot of people that think this case is over, we have yet to have anyone recognize some facts that are key in this case.

    The judge, as we understand it,has his background in Collections.

    All the McHnery County judges recused themselves as did half of the Lake County? judges before it was assigned to this judge who has little to no experience in this realm of law.

    We also have yet to hear from anyone that believes a Road District is not a public body.

    The judge hung his hat on that element in his reasoning.

    We all know that is wrong.

    It is an important part of this case as Public Body’s have certain obligations that Miller failed to comply with.

    Several continue to chime in that Miller had every right to sign the contract.

    We agree, but only under the constraints spelled out in law and case law.

    Miller failed on that front and I am betting the Appellate Court will see that very clearly.

    There will be no appeal until there is a final order which won’t happen until the FOIA suit that 150 brought against the road district is settled.

    A case that no one wants to talk about.

    While chiming about the lawyer bills, why is no one talking about 150 suing over access to gasser emails that are NOT public records?

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