Steve Verr Appointed McHenry Township Trustee to Replace Bill Cunningham

Steve Verr

The McHenry Township Board met Thursday night in special session to select a replacement for Trustee Bill Cunningham, who resigned/

By a vote of 3-1 Steve Verr, the Republican candidate for Supervisor who lost narrowly to Independent Craig Adams was appointed to the Township Board.

He will take office at the September meeting.

The negative vote was from Adams.

The three Republicans on the Board–Bob Anderson, Mike Rakestraw and Stan Wojewski–voted for Verr.


Steve Verr Appointed McHenry Township Trustee to Replace Bill Cunningham — 22 Comments

  1. Congratulations McHenry Township for picking the right man for the job.

  2. Obviously you weren’t at the meeting filled with boos and laughter as these idiots appointed verr.

    What a waste of space these morons elected.

    Patronage much?

    Come on guys you basically ran on a platform of nepotism and patronage and then go do the same thing…. cannot wait until they are voted out!!

  3. This will cement the referendum in place to consolidate the Road District.

    The NWH didn’t like it but they are all in favor of consolidating the Road District in Algonquin.

    Wonder why?

  4. Machone you sound like a Bitter Woman, or someone who has something to hide?

    Explain your position.

  5. Poor Machone (mrs. condon,) you’d have the readers think that the room was filled with opponents of the decision when in reality there were 12 people trying to boo and clap loud enough to sound like more.

    The meeting attendance was so sparse, it was shocking.

    How many were there?

    Maybe 15?

    Where were all the township thugs that usually try to dominate a meeting?

    They must have realized they were not going to prevail so they left it up to people like Nancy Fike, “the curator” and Mahady, the township assessor(wanna be state senator) to speak.

    Lots of luck with that!

    Surely they could have tried to find someone with a little more veracity to state their case.

  6. Adams is ineffectual, slow and a bumbler.

    Verr should never have been appointed.

    All Adams had to do was delay the voting for 20 more days, then the people could have voted like the law says.

    Who’s side is Adams really on?

  7. Makes me want to move back to McHenry!

    To appoint to a vacancy, a board can narrow down their applicants after viewing resumes/cover letters, or assessing knowledge of candidates they know something about, such as their community mindedness, business acumen, public persona/reputation etc etc.

    Congratulations, Mr. Verr.

    If the NWHerald was interested in this, why didn’t they ask to publish all resumes/cover letters of candidates in the running?

    The applicants that weren’t eliminated could have asked the same of the McHenry County Blog.

    Public Comments by Anyone that had a direct interest in this matter should be ignored (also known as conflict of interest)

  8. These idiots voted to have one of their buddies who is crazy enough to get permanently banned from church ( yes they all go to church together) nominated to the board.

    He lost as a precinct committeema, he lost his race for supervisor and we appoint him to the board?

    Those idiots ran on a platform of nepotism and patronage!

    Come on people wake up and smell Bobs bullshit!

  9. Whenever defending a township all of you always want a person to explain their position.


    Why do I need to explain my reasons you?

    Why don’t you explain to me why you hate small government.

    Explain why Bob and Mike decided not to interview the other candidates.

    Explain why they ignored the Republican Party nominations?

  10. There goes that blood pressure again, Machone (mrs. condon.).

    They say biofeedback helps with anger issues!

    You might want to try it for your health.

  11. Mrs. T you made an interesting comment about delaying the vote.

    Can you explain the law that would apply there?

  12. Didn’t the McHenry Township Road Hog, Jim Condon, hire Bob Miller as a consultant?

    Didn’t Craig Adams say ‘I should be paid $220,000.” when the Trustee’s cut his salary down to $45k?

    Who’s the crazy ones, and who’s the corrupt ones?

    It isn’t the Trustees.

    “Patronage” on the trustees’ part?

    These jobs pay nothing, and they aren’t trying to get their kids in (unlike Jim Condon, who already DID!)

    I’m am glad to see Verr on.

  13. The McHenry Township Trustees are paid until the next election cycle in 2021.

    Can’t remember how much or whether the Trustees return the checks or cash them.

  14. Mr. Condon never hired his kid.

    He worked part time as a college student mowing grass at the parks department when Mr. Condo. Was a trustee plain and simple

  15. Machone, you must be a Township leech.

    Was Condon’s child (son or daughter) hired by the Township?

    Answer: Y-E-S !!!

    That is nepotism, plain and simple. It shouldn’t be allowed. It shouldn’t be condoned. It shouldn’t be swept under the rug. It’s another reason for consolidation.

  16. Hired to a cushy job making probably 10-12 dollars an hour cutting grad and weed whipping?

    Come on seriously!

    He was a kid in college looking for a part time summer job

  17. Cute how people using fake names hurl insults from their keyboards.

    I don’t care who’s kid cut the grass for $10 an hour, as long as it was cut.

    Hot mower on a hot July day sounds “cushy”.

    Can’t trust Bob Anderson and his three followers.

    All that anti-appointment talk when they themselves were basically appointed at a caucus.

    Cunningham had that house in the works.

    Now the Republican party is ignored and Steve Verr, chosen before the process even started, is appointed after a back room interview.

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