Algonquin Township Clerk Again Does Not Post Board Packet

Algonquin Township Board

There is a 7 o’clock meeting of the Algonquin Township Board tonight and again Township Clerk Karen Lukasik has not posted what Board members will consider.

One wonders if the proposed intergovernmental agreement between the Township Board and Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser will be available for those attending to see.

Those interested can find the proposed agreement on McHenry County Blog.


Algonquin Township Clerk Again Does Not Post Board Packet — 17 Comments

  1. Kelly told her to ‘post the packet whenever and wherever you want’, so she mailed it!

    She she mailed it here:

    Sr. Chistian Benitez
    AVDA. Molas Lopez 1.991
    Asuncion, Paraguay

  2. Rather than expect Karen to do this, just go ahead and have the Road District post it. Try to help each other please.

  3. Sorry if this is a repost. The road district staff should help the clerk with this simple task in a spirit of cooperation.

  4. In the immortal words of our esteemed township clerk, “I can do what I want.”

    Or not do, what ever she feels.

  5. No nitpick.

    The public should be able to read what the Board members will consider BEFORE the meeting.

    Anything else shows a disrespect for the taxpayers and lack of interest in transparency.

  6. The intergovernmental agreement is between the road district and the township, so the agreement could have been provided by the Road Commissioner or the Supervisor.

  7. Should have voted for Melissa Fischer.

    We get the government we deserve.

  8. This lazy and defiant, incapable idiot is a disgrace!

    From day one, she hasn’t fulfilled her common duties.

    Isn’t there any recourse for township residences?

  9. Cal, I posted the website that had all the needed info, didn’t you bother to look at it?

  10. It did not and does not have the intergovernmental agreement that was considered.

  11. When did that agreement change from the agreement posted on the Alg twh website?

    They changed it during the meeting also didn’t they?

    I suppose she should of had a copy as they changed it?

    Since the change needed Gassers approval, why make copies of old news that means nada?

    Supervisor should be responsible for active changes, clerk just records what is passed approval.

  12. That does not explain why the originally agreed upon intergovernmental agreement was not posted with the agenda.

    Other governments call that an “agenda packet.”

    Smaller governments do it.

    McHenry County’s largest township should also.

  13. The IGA is on the website right about the agenda, are you not able to see that?

    So if it isn’t in the form you want it’s all wrong?

    Anyway Chuck should make up the agenda packet for the board members and have that info all together then give it to the clerk.

    Chuck should have his help post all the proper info just like Judy K. did for Chuck L. and Mark M. when they were clerks.

    Why force the Clerks to come in especially with a short notice meeting like this was?

  14. Just saw it for the first time.

    I think such posting could be done remotely.

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