Democrat Congressional Candidate Sean Casten Compares President Trump to Osama bin Laden

You can’t make things like this up.

Sean Casten, the Democrat running against incumbent Republican Peter Roskam first likened an abortion to having one’s gall bladder removed.

Now, he is comparing President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden.

First reported in The Washington Free Beacon, the story was picked up by at least the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago Sun-Times on Sean Casten likening President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden.


Democrat Congressional Candidate Sean Casten Compares President Trump to Osama bin Laden — 7 Comments

  1. The quote by Casten from the Free Beacon is:

    “In many ways—and I don’t mean to sound overly, I don’t know, hyperbolic on this—Trump and Osama Bin Laden have a tremendous amount in common.”

    In a debate with his opponent recently, Casten said that an abortion to remove a fetus was like a gall bladder operation.

    This guy is just another loony and radical far left wing radical Democrat. He fits right in with other Democrats such as Maxine Waters calling for people to confront and get in the faces of Trump Administration employees, such as a number of Democrats calling to abolish ICE, such as supporting illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, etc.

    The Democrat Party has been spinning out of control for a number of years now. Any Democrat candidate or politician, whether local or national in Congress, ultimately gets in line with goofball Congressional Democrats such as Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Adam Schiff, etc. Never vote for any Democrat anywhere until that Party straightens itself out by getting rid of radicals and socialist/communists and stops making the absolutely reckless statements by the leadership and others in that Party.

  2. One more reason to vote Republican straight down the ticket this fall.

    These Democrats just are on a seek and destroy mission.

  3. Nobody is better qualified to analyze the recent trajectory of the Democratic Party than a Fox news brainwashed, Political Science and Sociology professor wannabe. In the meantime, we still await for the long list of teachers and administrators who BEGIN collecting retirement benefits in excess of $150,000. Lean forward. Can you hear that whisper? It is the bluenami coming our way in 66 days. It is unstoppable. It will wash away Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and every bit of irresponsible republikkklan leadership in the United States Congress. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  4. Is Hillary president yet, Sean ?

    Did Hillary get to pick two SCOTUS Justices, Sean ?

    Are you still butthurt about Trump’s victory over Hillary, Sean ?

    Sean is an unfortunate “victim” of terminal TDS – WINNING/MAGA !

  5. ‘Lil Sean is too busy bending over backwards to the LGTBQTrans weirdos.

    Here’s his dough from the Witch’s ill-gotten foundation:

    “The coordination between Clinton and the DCCC is apparent in her list of recipient candidates. All but four of the candidates Clinton cut checks for are on the group’s “Red to Blue” list, a assemblage of candidates that Democrats believe have the best chance to win Republican districts in November.
    Those Democrats — who all received $5,000 from Clinton’s organization — are:
    Aftab Pureval in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District
    Sean Casten in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District
    Gina Ortiz Jones in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District
    Harley Rouda in California’s 48th Congressional District
    Jason Crow in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District
    Josh Harder in California’s 10th Congressional District
    Katie Hill in California’s 25th Congressional District
    Lauren Underwood in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District
    Mike Levin in California’s 49th Congressional District
    Steven Horsford in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District
    Katie Porter in California’s 45th Congressional District
    Scott Wallace in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District
    Susan Wild in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District
    TJ Cox in California’s 21st Congressional District
    Jennifer Wexton in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District”


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