District 1 Democrat Michael Vijuk Follows David Stieper and Andrew Gasser on Getting Rid of Health Insurance for Board Members

Trying to straighten my office up a little, I found this piece of literature from District 1 McHenry County Board candidate Michael Vijuk :

Michael Vijuk campaign piece.

The platform points are pretty general.

I see only one of four statements for which he could be held responsible should he win election this fall.

That’s his pledge to

“eliminate unnecessary costs such as health insurance coverage for board members.  We spent over a hundred thousand dollars every year on this one expense.”

Let’s forget for a moment that $100,000 is less than a rounding error in McHenry County’s budget.

It could become a hot button issue, now that Chairman Jack Franks has state paid health insurance again.

Remember the headlines that Franks made criticizing part-time County Board members for being part of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension program?

Anyone want to suggest he could not win a similar campaign about taking health care benefits from part-time County Board members

David Stieper’s 2014 GOP County Board gravy train campaign piece.


District 1 Democrat Michael Vijuk Follows David Stieper and Andrew Gasser on Getting Rid of Health Insurance for Board Members — 6 Comments

  1. I remember asking Tom Wilbeck right on this blog when he was running for Dist #1 if he was goimg to get on the gravy train of county supported healthcare and all I got for Tom was a waltz and then silence.

    I don’t think he has commented here since.

  2. It is not like District 1 board members are exhibiting leadership promoting resolutions the limit government, promote fiscal responsibility, and embrace good governance.

    Can anyone name one resolution? Just one?

    It’s all about being liked by the political class and the Northworst Herald.

    Vijuk can win.

  3. Still like that flyer, huh Cal?

    In fairness to the guilty, I did design and completed the graphics for the piece on my laptop.

    I recall my pride was wounded when some clown wrote on your blog that it looked like it had been done by a 12 year-old.

    Stieper responded on the blog that, “no, his 10 year-old son did the flyer”!

    We got a good laugh out of that one.

    Gasser jumped on the train following David’s lead in proclaiming that he would not accept a pension or benefits if elected.

    Seems to be popular now, but too bad the voters didn’t elect David Stieper, he would have made an excellent Board Member.

  4. I believe all this campaign literature.

    Just don’t get me started on all those spherical earth propagandists.

  5. Steiper would, indeed, have been great.

    But the whole county is swirling down the toilet. I’m glad he was spared.

    Look at all the bile spit at Wilcox who tried to bring rationality to the Board now headed by an egomaniac called Franks.

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