District 6 Dems Plan Coffee in Harvard Saturday

From the website of the McHenry County Democratic Party:


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District 6 Dems Plan Coffee in Harvard Saturday — 6 Comments

  1. Would rather be surrounded by a angry group of Hari Krishnas at an airport gate.

  2. Per website of the Democratic Party of McHenry County:

    “The Blue Wave is swelling across the nation, fed every day by outrage over attacks on our democracy and on our families.”

    Attacks on our democracy? Outrage? Crazy talk.

    Attacks on our families? Well yes, to a limited extent in this County BUT to a very great extent with shootings in Chicago which has been STRICTLY controlled by the Democrat Party for many, many decades. The Democrat Party and their president of the 1960’s, Johnson and his war on poverty, are largely responsible for the mess in Chicago. Do we in McHenry County want to have Democrat control and influence in this County given their utter failure in Chicago? No.

  3. @Bred Unfortunately the Democrats are already in control and have been for a long time you just never realized it!

    Just because you have a “R” next to your name or pull a “Republican” ballot in the primary doesn’t make you a fiscally responsible Republican!

    Over half of the McHenry County Board is Democrat, Almost all your School Boards are Democrat, Almost all your Townships are Democrat.

    But no matter who is in all those positions almost 95% are self serving and that is the larger problem not only in McHenry County but State and Federal as well! Fix that you fix this Country!

  4. “again on” is right on target Aavang, Reinert, etc., they claim to be Republicans, just like Rauner.


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