Roskam on Tariff Bill

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Roskam releases statement the passage of the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act

Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. House passed by voice vote the Senate amendment to H.R. 4318, the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act, which abolishes obsolete tariffs on goods that are not manufactured in the U.S.

Representative Peter Roskam (IL-06) is a co-sponsor of this bipartisan legislation. In January, the House passed the bill by a vote of 402-0. The bill then went to the Senate, where it was amended and passed unanimously. Today, the House agreed to the Senate’s amendments and passed the bill unanimously by voice vote. The bill now goes to the President for a signature.

Roskam released the following statement on the final passage of the bill:

Peter Roskam

“Manufacturers throughout the Sixth District have felt the weight of these tariffs on their businesses for far too long. Import taxes such as those outlined in this legislation distort our economy and harm American manufacturers. The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act will liberate manufacturers from unnecessary and harmful costs that reduces hiring, slows growth and raises the price of consumer goods.

“This legislation allows our manufacturers to remain competitive in a global market and keep costs low, which increases production and creates jobs. I was proud to work with Chairman [Kevin] Brady on this bipartisan legislation and thank him for his leadership on this bill.”



· According to the National Association of Manufacturers, The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act of 2018 would eliminate import tariffs of more than $1.1 billion over the next three years and boost U.S. manufacturing output by more than $3.1 billion.

· The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act provides tariff relief for nearly 1,700 different products.


Roskam on Tariff Bill — 4 Comments

  1. I don ‘t know the specifics of the bill but am going to assume if not a single person out of more than 400 voted against it then (hopefully) it’s not bad.

    Still, this guy’s obsession with opposing tariffs comes across as border-line autistic.

    He needs to do better among independents to win, and emphasizing the elimination of trade barriers is probably not even a top 5 or top 10 issue.

    If Casten weren’t comparing Trump to Bin Laden and reeeing about how awful it is that workers are keeping more of their income, Roskam would be toast.

  2. Free trade? Where is it? The Chinese prison system supplies much of Walmart’s trinkets.

    The Europeans subsidize their plane, steel, ship-building, auto manufacturing, etc., industries.

    Yet the Americans underwrite the Jap, S. Korean, NATO militaries.

    Finally a President who says ENOUGH!

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