Is Brian Sager Planning to Resign as Mayor of Woodstock?

A Friend of McHenry County Blog shares this with us:

Brian Sager

So, word on the grape vine in Woodstock is that Brian Sager will be stepping down in December.

So, follow this chain of things.

Sources that I have told me he has said this to many people.

Speculate all you want just like [Paul] Sweratka, but hopefully you can put this up.

Wendy Piersall is a very left wing progressive and wants to do things in politics.

Just like Carlos Acosta.

Jack Franks appoints Brain Sager to RTA for supporting him and not the Republican candidate for County Chair position.

Now Sager hands over the reins to Mike Turner who is a long time supporter of Sager.

Mike Turner

Now a vacancy on the City Council they are looking to appoint Wendy Piersall (huge Democrat) who is a long time supporter of Sager.

Openly supported and backed Sager for the Mayor race.

Efforts to reach Mayor Sager today were unsuccessful.

= = = = =
Mike Turner made the presentation about the proposed McHenry County SportsPlex to the Lakewood Village Board and a Turnberry Country Club banquet roomful of citizens.

The name “Mike Turner” is also on the 2009 Host Committee for State Rep. Jack Franks.


Is Brian Sager Planning to Resign as Mayor of Woodstock? — 10 Comments

  1. SprotsPlex. Brain Sager. How many milligrams of oxycodone does one have to snort, in order to miss spelling errors like this?

    So. much. winning.

  2. Just what Woodstock would need… another unimaginative rubber stamp who wants to use taxpayer resources to help certain private businesses.

    These corporatists go to a few LGBT or pro-choice rallies and they earn their bonafides as “progressives” while most of the time they actively shill for special interests or at the very least are silent.

    Glad to have read that when a new TIF was being talked about, some of the D 200 workers voiced opposition.

  3. Caught the first misspelling myself, but thanks, citizen editor for catching the second one.

  4. But what will happen to Sager’s dam and boyfriend on the Woodstock Muni payroll, will they be able to keep their jobs?

  5. Wendy Piersall? Isn’t she and her husband the ones that got MONEY from the city for their marine storage business?

    Isn’t she the one that attends city council meetings to kiss ass and bobble head agree with every money spending idea the council has that may be opposed by struggling tax payers.


    Shouldn’t she GIVE THE MONEY BACK to the city of Woodstock as they didn’t uphold their end of the bargain and create the jobs they promised.

  6. Now that triple dipping, Mother-hiring, boyfriend-hiring Sager has ruined the town of Woodstock beyond repair he steps away. Eve he knows the town will never make a comeback. It’s the highest taxed town in the County. McHenry County vascilates between 27 and 29th of the highest taxed county in the whole country! More than Beverly Hills CA where all those Millionaires live! Wake up people! Your way of life is compromised. 70% of your tax bill goes to schools. Are their schools setting records? Turning out exceptional graduates? Turning out graduates who open class-A businesses in this area? No. They’re too busy trying to appease illegals by stacking classrooms with two teachers-One English Speaking, One Spanish speaking.
    Woodstock has imported more poverty than any other time in History under Sager’s mayorship. God help that town. Over 43% of the students are on Free Lunch. Who pays for those Free Lunches? The working middle class who is now the Working poor, that’s who!

  7. You’d never know what a friendly, welcoming town Woodstock is from this appalling barrage of hatred. Please visitors, don’t judge our lovely town by the bitter shut ins posting here! Please visit and see for yourself we’re not misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic trolls!

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