Jack Franks on Parade in Johnsburg

The first political entry in Johnsburg’s Saufen und Spiel Parade was that of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Jack Franks has a sign for every town in which there is a parade assuring residents that he loves them.

His truck came first.

Guess who was driving Jack Franks’ pickup.

When I saw Jeff Lichte driving Jack Franks’ truck, I yelled, “Hi, Jeff.”  He waved back.

If you guessed Jeff Lichte, you were correct.   He’s the one Democrats put up in the 2016 Republican primary election so that Franks would not have a real Republican opponent. (Links to article about that dirty trick attempt to install a sham Republican opposition candidate–just as Mike Madigan usually does–can be found in this article.)

The next shot was of dogs for Jack Franks.

People with dogs on leashes walked for Jack Franks.

Walking in front of a snowplow from the McHenry Township Highway Department, the McHenry County Board Chairman crossed the street.

Perhaps there was irony of Jack Franks being positioned in the Johnsburg Parade in front of a McHenry Township Road District snowplow. Franks positions himself as a proponent of government consolidation, yet he has not endorsed the fall referendum to put the McHenry Road District under the Township Board starting in 2021. He has, however, called for such a referendum in Algonquin Township.

Then he walked back across the street joining his wife Debby.

The McHenry Township Road District snowplow had Road Commissioner Jame Condon’s name on the lower right hand side of the front of the plow.

Jack and Debby Franks working the crown at the Johnsburg Parade.

One Friend of McHenry County Blog thought Franks was on the opposite side of the street from me so that I couldn’t get his photo, so he sent the one below.

Jack Franks was handing out stickers.  In the background to the right of Franks’ shoulder one can see McHenry Township Road Commissioner James Condon.


Jack Franks on Parade in Johnsburg — 10 Comments

  1. When that black dog defecated on the street (Wilmot RD), did the Democrat clean it up?


    Thus, the owner and pooch epitomized the entire Democratic ethos toward Johnsburg and our whole state!

  2. This parade has withered away into almost nothing.

    It was once something great.

    A reeking Township pig-at-the-trough, Jimmy Condon, Road Commissioner and oft over-served and boorish bully, drives a huge township truck to overawe the few peasants in Bear regalia lining the streets. (Can they touch it, Lord Jim?).

    Edmundo Hettermann, Johnsburg Gas Bag and Town Tyrant, rides atop a convertible throwing bad and stale candy to the kiddies.

    ‘I’m Edmundo Hetterman, Hey look at me! I rule this wonderful burg! I’m the Burgomeister trying to rid our fair burg of Dr. Frankenstein (Bob Anderson). He’ll steal your children and your teeth unless we banish him to Wonder Lake!”

    A single band plays off-key, and no floats are seen.

    What kind of a parade is it?

    A halting parade of Decay & Nostalgia!

    Just rename the Parade: Nichts Lebendiges, nur Dinge ohne Bedeutung

  3. The devious plot by Pols to humiliate the once noble American Canine nears completion.

  4. Mr. Franks only shows up when the dems won’t show in sufficient numbers.

  5. So is anyone sick of politicians putting their names all over Taxpayer property!?

    I see Condon put it looks like stickers on the blades of the Truck!

    Enough with all the politicians putting their name and pictures all over taxpayer property!

  6. The white Elvis (Franks) wants McHenry County Taxpayers to pay for his campaign swag! Shut this pig of a Politician down now!

  7. I was given one of the McHenry County famous Jack Franks nail files.

    I don’t recall seeing the Snowplow Bob and his anti MTRD goofballs in the parade.

    I wonder why they were absent?

  8. Isn’t it illegal to use government (we the people) assets such as a truck for political purposes?

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