Message of the Day – Dirty Politics

“Vote Yes” sign vandalized in the Bull Valley part of McHenry Township.

From the vandalism of this McHenry Township Road District consolidation sign on Ridge Road in Bull Valley, one might think that opponents to the fall referendum are not willing to run an ethical referendum campaign.

Or, it may be his the action of one referendum opponent not willing to play fair.


Message of the Day – Dirty Politics — 14 Comments

  1. Here Cal goes again only covering Bobs side of the story. Notice Bobs car in the picture. Jeez guys talk about a fair fight

  2. Here we go again. Cal lives in a world of fear and conspiracy. Could the sign have been hit by a lawn mower or other type of equipment? No, not in cal’s screwed up world.

  3. I told James Condon at the Johnsburg parade that I would put up what his side wanted shared.

  4. …Or maybe it’s just a lousy job of putting up a sign by someone not qualified to work for the Road District.

  5. Real men knock on the door of the offending sign poster and Nazi-punch’s whoever answers.

  6. Township personnel would never do this in a million years.

    It requires some work!

  7. DJ suggests “real men” nazi punches anyone who displays a sign he doesn’t agree with.

    Must have trained on a township thug crew.

    Answer a question.

    Are we all supposed to be intimidated into not putting up signage, “real men?”

  8. Looks like wind damage to me.

    Vandalism my ass.

    Snowplow Bob is getting desperate.

  9. Sunshine blogger, please rescue this sign and keep it for the ages in your useless political signs shelter. Stay tuned…55 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  10. Ok you turkey necks, gather round.

    I’m gonna teach you how to do the Crusher.

    And if you don’t learn it now, gonna get cha in the ring…..

  11. When will the township thugs’ violence turned from nail in parking lots and sign vandalism/theft to violence against persons.

    Their livelihoods and crooked lifestyles are threatened, they will become ever more violent to keep their blood sucking apparatus embedded in our necks.

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