Again No Algonquin Township Agenda Backup Documents on Clerk’s Website

If one were looking for what was going to happen at last month’s Algonquin Township Board meeting, here is what you could have found on Township Clerk Karen Lukasik’s part of the web site:

Agenda posted by Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik for the August, 2018, Board meering.

Again in September, Lukasik has not posted the Board Packet.  Only the agenda appears on her page on the township web site.

Melissa Victor

The biggest issue last month was Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s email telling of his frustration at his assistant Ryan Provenzano’s not being allowed in the Highway Department office and the services he announced he would end.

That was not on the agenda.

It was brought forward by Trustee Melissa Victor.

Also missing from the Township web site were the resolutions on

  • nepotism and patronage
  • delegating Township Board authority to the Township Supervisor to hire employees

Also missing were documents pertaining to the bills to be approved.

Part of the meeting pertained to legal bills that Rachael Lawrence found where one attorney bill for contacting another attorney, but the other attorney made no billing.

Kane Lukasik

Needless to say, it’s impossible to figure out the specifics without access to the documents, which Lukasik did not post.

These are the same types of documents which, while Bob Miller was Road Commissioner, would have allowed citizens to bird dog questionable expenditures.

To her credit, Lukasik said she would post such documents, if she were asked to do so.

Undoubtedly, she was not responding to my request during the Public Comment period.

She was asking the Board members.

None made such a request, so I guess the public will be in the dark for the next meeting.

It should be noted that at least the City of Crystal Lake, McHenry County and McHenry County College, and the Village of Lakewood post all documents online that are sent to their board members ahead of the meeting.

With Algonquin Township being the most populated township in McHenry County, it would seem appropriate that it post such documents.


Again No Algonquin Township Agenda Backup Documents on Clerk’s Website — 7 Comments

  1. Say what you want about this Township Board, but it helps keep some of them off the streets.

  2. Did Chuck give Karen the info to post yet?

    Chucks full time assistant should handle all the prep for the meeting.

  3. the nob, what does your post have to do with the Clerk not doing the job she was elected to do?

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