McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Referendum Sign Vandals Called “Thugs”

From the Northwest Herald, republished her with permission of author Jeffrey Mayer:

Time to Consolidate

Little things sometimes tell you about the people who are on different sides of an issue.

Sometimes both sides of a political debate are composed of quality people who try to participate in an intelligent discussion on one side of the issue or another.

It’s encouraging when both sides of an issue operate like that.

Sometimes, though. there are thugs on one side or the other.

Little things tell you where they might be.

Little things like who’s signs get torn down, or stolen, vandalized or destroyed.

“Vote Yes” sign vandalized in the Bull Valley part of McHenry Township.

Sometimes little things like that tell you where the thugs are.

A thug in this case would be someone who doesn’t have an intelligent argument to advance their position so they resort to illegal activities that cater to the win-at-all-costs mentality.

Sometimes, though, that backfires.

We should keep an eye out for who’s signs are targeted.

Most, common, decent people, don’t like thugs or what they stand for.

The proposal in November to consolidate the McHenry Township Road District into the McHenry Township unit of government is straightforward and simple.

It will transfer the operation of the road district to the already existing township board which will then be run by the
township Supervisor and Board of Trustees instead of the current one-man-rule Highway Commissioner who operates with no oversight or supervision.

Vote Yes in McHenry Township in November to consolidate the McHenry Township Road District with the McHenry Township unit of government.


McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Referendum Sign Vandals Called “Thugs” — 9 Comments

  1. Bravo!

    Excellent letter.

    I wish the Nunda Township Board had the guts to put such a referendum on the ballot … but the thugs wouldn’t!

  2. It’s not at all uncommon in nasty political campaigns for people to vandalize their own stuff so that they can blame the other side for it.

    I am not saying that is what happened in this particular case, but it’s not a possibility that can be completely discounted.

  3. That’s vandalism? With all the rain and winds we had, especially the winds on Sunday? I saw a gentleman fixing and readjusting signs in Johnsburg for candidate Wilcox. Quit with the one sided news. Oh, and Cal you certainly have my permission to use my letter to the editor to the NW Herald.

  4. Fanning the flames of fake news everywhere.

    How many signs are we talking about here?

    The one sign that was damaged by who knows what?

  5. Craig Wallace is a sore loser from the last election.

    He’s also a font of assinity laced with gutter talk.

    Does he understand the word ‘sanguisuge.’

    He embodies it!

  6. Yes I’m sure the “heavy wind” or a “lawn mower” bent that pole.

    Get real, township thugs have been doing this since the first election.

    I’d like to see the background checks on some of these guys.

  7. Bob Anderson also does this along with Steve Verr.

    Anti Bob signs get pulled from the right of way.

    Township thugs hahaha you people will say anything because 1 stupid sign had the zip ties break off because Bob and company can’t even put up signs right

  8. As kids, we trashed any sign in any yard we passed by in our aimless travels.

    We made a game of it.

    It didn’t matter who was on it.

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