Rachael Lawrence Finds Questionable Algonquin Township Road District Bills

Township Trustees are supposed to review bills looking for improper ones.

In Algonquin Township, such bills are only submitted two days before Board meetings.

Rachael Lawrence hunts for the bills she questioned.

In that time, Trustee Rachael Lawrence tagged three requests for payment approval from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser that her colleagues agreed should be pulled for further consideration or documention.

The first concerned the lack of receipts for reimbursement some of which were charged on a township credit card.

When Lawrence called Gasser, he admitted that mistakes had been made.

The second, with a similar double billing problem, was for a trip that Gasser and his top assistant Ryan Provenzano made to Peoria in Mid-August.

Supervisor Chuck Lutzow observed, “Typically, an expense report” would be submitted.

The third and the worst from a public relations viewpoint was Provenzano’s purchase of work clothes at Nordstrom’s.

$425.53 for jeans [“genes” when posted], socks and hiking boots.

Lawrence said she was not bringing up the request for payment because of the place the clothes were purchased, but, rather, because there is “no policy here…for a clothing allowance.”

She did observe that hiking boots don’t have steel toes, which would typically be in work boots.

She said that she wished Gasser had attended the meeting so he could explain his clothing allowance policy.

In all $1,957.30 was withdrawn from consideration at the meeting out of $143,000 requested for approval.


Rachael Lawrence Finds Questionable Algonquin Township Road District Bills — 12 Comments

  1. If I had known that it was possible to buy new genes back when I was a kid, I could have played in the NBA.

  2. @Joekv there is some sort of clothing allowance policy.

    During Miller’s reign it even included the administrative assistant (his wife).

    Without providing the board with the policy it is impossible for them to determine if the request for reimbursement is legally presented.

  3. Provenzano bought ‘genes’ from Nordstrom’s?

    Sorry but he’s stuck with the ones he got from his Mom and Dad, and hopefully he got a disproportionate genetic endowment fromk his Mama.

  4. The bigger question/concern is why Trustee Lawrence is the only trustee to question bills, consistently meeting after meeting from May of 2017 to now.

    Who doesn’t know by now that there is a “clothing allowance”.

    It’s been defended, attacked, rinse, and repeat more times than the topic of Disneyland tickets.


    Could of been The Rack, could of been online.

    It’s hard to say without seeing the receipt whether the cost was out of line, or not.

    Still, his allowance is his allowance.

    Get more for the money, or don’t.

    The amount wouldn’t change.

  5. As usual, gasser makes no appearance when the tough issues arise.

    Going, going, and gone.

  6. Mr. Gasser,

    Thank you for your efforts in our neighborhood.

    You have made believers out of every single resident on our road.

    Your guys were professional and pleasant.

    Especially the bald gentleman with the goatee.

    Very pleasant.

    If I could give you any advice I would say never go to one of those meetings.

    Sir you are not required by law to be there and every trustee, some more than others, have gone after you personally.

    I have to tell you that the pavement hasn’t fully cooled on our street and we are already discussing and laughing about ‘SockGate’.

    Do not listen to the naysayers and the paper. You are a good man.

    Thank you Mr. Gasser for all you do and please thank the guys.


  7. Even if Gasser was there to show the policy and even if the boots were work boots with steel toes the bill for the socks and levi’s and boots were still over the amount in the polocy Gasser made a video about.

  8. These are the same kinds of things that Gasbag accused Miller of doing.

    All approved by the board. Why is there even a clothing allowance.

    The only thing that should be paid for are specialty clothing ie Hard hats reflective vests and work gloves, and these should be provided.

    Why is the township buying a patronage hire socks and Levis, even the work boots are questionable?

    Who doesn’t buy their own shoes to go to work?

    This is just more of the same, just different names.

    Murmuring Mutton exactly.

    where is the oversight from the rest of the board.

    This is why they need to approve the referendum dissolving the Highway dept. and hire a road director, like the villages and county, that is responsible to the board who would then have the direct authority over policy.

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