The Johnsburg Elected Officials and Public Servants

The first car in the Johnsburg Sufen und Spiel Parade was Police Chief Keith Van Allman.

Johnsburg Police Chief Keith Von Allmen

This woman was in the next car, but I didn’t get a photo of the sign on the door of her car.

Mystery official to me.

The Village Accountant was next.

Johnsburg Village Accountant Kim Giovanni

The Village’s Administrative Assistant and Collector followed.

Johnsburg Administrative Assistant/ Collector Tim Hayves

Village Attorney Michael Smoron drove the next vehicle.

Johnsburg Village Attorney Michael Smoron’s car drove even though he told folks he couyld not attend.

Village President Edwin Hettermann was in the next car.

Johnsburg Village President Edwin Hettermann.

Village Trustee Tom Curry was in the next convertible.

Johnsburg Village Trustee Tom Curry

Johnsburg Village Trustee Greg Klemstein followed.

Johnsburg Village Trustee Greg Klemstein

Josh Hagen, also a member of the Johnsburg Village Board reached for candy as his photo was taken.

Johnsburg Village Trustee Josh Hagen

Village Trustee Kyle Frost came next.

Johnsburg Village Trustee Kyle Frost.

Here’s a mystery man in the line of Village Trustees.

No identifying sign was on the side of this convertible.

Another car with no identification on th it side.

Help me out with an identification on this couple riding in a car with no sign on its door.

And the third car in a row with no sign attached to the car door.

Need identification help here, too.

Next came a turck advising residents that brush picup starts on t September 17th.

This Johnsburg Public Works truck bore useful information.

Another Pubolic Works truck followed bearing the names of Steve Boswell and Traci Lesperance.

The names of two Public Works employees appear on this truck, Johnsburg 2018 Public Works–Steve Boswell and Traci Lesperance.

A dump truck bears the names of Public Works Foreman Dave Walsh and that of Shannon Parker

Public Works Foreman Dave Walsh and Shannon Parker received recognition on this dump truck.


The Johnsburg Elected Officials and Public Servants — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Cal, please show the cars next time, more interesting than the people.

  2. Fun fact.

    Trying to land a good Private Sector job with a Public Sector resume, is like trying to rent a $5 K per month condo with a Section 8 voucher.

  3. These are poor excuses for parade entries!

    I believe it’s illegal to use public taxpayer funded vehicles in parades.

    Anyone know?

  4. This parade has withered away into almost nothing.

    It was once something great.

    A reeking Township pig-at-the-trough, Jimmy Condon, Road Commissioner and oft over-served and boorish bully, drives a huge township truck to overawe the few peasants in Bear regalia lining the streets. (Can they touch it, Lord Jim?).

    Edmundo Hettermann, Johnsburg Gas Bag and Town Tyrant, rides atop a convertible throwing bad and stale candy to the kiddies.

    ‘I’m Edmundo Hetterman, Hey look at me! I rule this wonderful burg! I’m the Burgomeister trying to rid our fair burg of Dr. Frankenstein (Bob Anderson). He’ll steal your children and your teeth unless we banish him to Wonder Lake!”

    A single band plays off-key, and no floats are seen.

    What kind of a parade is it?

    A halting parade of Decay & Nostalgia!

    Just rename the Parade: Nichts Lebendiges, nur Dinge ohne Bedeutung

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