The Township vs. the Press

In a handout prepared for a November 12, 2012, Township Officials Boot Camp by Keri-Lyn Krafthefer and Tiffany Nelson-Jaworski this advice is given:
Or, I guess an official with a sign could do what Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser did:

On the Algonquin Township Highway Department Route 14 sign appears the message, “The Northworst Herald Is Fake News.” About 60,000 vehicles a day drive past the Township complex.

Or, one could create a “fake news” logo for the offending paper and put it out on Facebook and other web pages:

Andrew Gasser put this Northwest Herald”Fake New? logo on his Facebook Page.


The Township vs. the Press — 2 Comments

  1. TOI Boot-Camp: A School of Scandal and how to rip off taxpayers!

  2. TOI is a lobbiest group whose only interest is keeping townships alive and those membership dues pouring in at taxpayers’ expense.

    Reminds me of Unions!

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