McHenry County Dems Gets Another Almost $12,000 from Pritzker

As previously reported, the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee received, on July 31st,  $11,833.33 of the $1 million JB Pritzker gave to the Democratic Central Committee of Rock Island County.

On September 16th (today), another $11,833.33 contribution to local Democrats was reported.

No similar sugar daddy has been found by McHenry County Republicans.

The Republican Party started July with $1,531.37 and received $1,000 from Citizens for Rauner on July 6th.


McHenry County Dems Gets Another Almost $12,000 from Pritzker — 4 Comments

  1. And yet Tom Weber has received $7500.00 last month from the House Republicans.

    He’s lying on phone calls claiming his opponent has received money from house democrats, and yet he’s the one actually taking in donations from his organization

  2. Answer to Fierabras: Nada, just like always.

    Brady is a mastermind of losing, defeat and stupidity.

  3. Where can I get that campaign button ?
    It’s gonna be a collectors item for sure !

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