Joe Tirio Cleared in Campaign Finance Complaint from Active Jack Franks’ Supporter

\Merging the County Recorder’s Office with the County Clerk’s was Joe Tirio’s idea.

It doesn’t take a political expert to figure out that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks does not want Joe Tirio elected McHenry County Clerk.

Consider that Tirio’s campaign for Recorder of Deeds was based on the theme of consolidating government, something Franks talks a lot about, but has precious little to show for it but newspaper clippings.

Consider Franks won’t even endorse a consolidation referendum in McHenry Township, while calling for a referendum of the same consolidation of the Road District with Algonquin Township.

Consider also Franks’ Labor Day Weekend press release accusing Tirio of buying raffle tickets with county money.  (He did, but for receipts, if there were an emergency.)

Obviously Franks gave it a negative spin.

The name of Steve Reick petition challenger and MIke Walkup and Joe Tirio State Elections Board complainer, Ron Eck, appears on State Rep. Jack Franks’ 2015 Host Committee.

So, is it just a coincidence that one of  Franks loyal supporters filed an election complaint against Tirio when he was suing to discover which Jack Franks’ allies are behind the insulting mailings by something calling itself  the “Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund?”

Illinois State Board of Elections Hearing Officer Andy Neuman suggested the following be adopted by the Elections Board:

I do not believe the Complainant has met his burden of introducing evidence or information sufficient for the Board to conclude that the Republican Central Committee of McHenry County had paid legal fees on behalf of Mr. Tirio.

I believe the Respondent left some room for speculation considering they didn’t provide any supporting evidence to show that the Republican Central Committee of McHenry County had paid Mr. Prossnitz for services that were performed on their behalf.

However, I believe he presented a plausible explanation of the expense and considering Mr. Tirio testified that he was paying for his own legal fees for his lawsuit I recommend these allegations be found not to have been filed upon justifiable grounds and this matter not proceed to a public hearing. (Boldface type in the original.)

Today, the Illinois State Board of Elections acccepted its Hearing Officer’s recommendation.

Tirio will be back in court on October 26th, when Judge Kevin Costello is expected to allow what his attorney Philip Prossnitz sought in the suit, the ability to subpoena Breaker Press about the identify of those behind the Illinois Integrity Fund.

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Of possible interest:

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Joe Tirio Cleared in Campaign Finance Complaint from Active Jack Franks’ Supporter — 9 Comments

  1. Ron Eck committed a piscatory act with Jack Franks on Franks’ annual Canadian salmon junket.

    Ron Eck and his wife were well known sexagenarians!

  2. It’s a strategy that the Democrats use very well.

    When you get caught, accuse the other guy of doing the same, conjure up some lies and demand an inquiry.

    They are masters at it.

  3. WHO were the people or persons behind “Illinois Integrity” who smeared Tirio? That is the ONLY question that needs to be answered.

  4. Will the Northworst Herald cover Tirio being cleared?

    Taking bets…

  5. Northworst Herald fails again.

    The word that comes to mind with crooked ed komenda, jon styf, and the whole paper is:


  6. The NWH Runion (aka Kevin Lyons) will never run that story. He couldn’t if he even wanted to.


    Because the NWH is Fake News!

  7. You would think a local newspaper would want objective coverage on this point.

    Ronald Eck, Carpenter’s union BA filed a claim that was determined to be without substantial justification.

    This is his second round with the BS.

    Yet no coverage by NWH.

    Could it be the NWH hates Joes lawyer so much they couldn’t be objective in reporting the news.

    When a Union, Illinois steel company got beat up on a job site by a gang shouting this is local 395s work, no NWH coverage.

    When the steel workers union president and business agent were arrested by the Feds, no NWH coverage.

    So if your a democrat and you are pro union then that rag will write a biased article.

    But if you are a union that beats up our local citizens that rag won’t report on it even though the other papers found it newsworthy.

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