Tax Fighter Chuck Wheeler’s Fund Raiser Monday Nigth in Johnsburg

When McHenry’s Chuck Wheeler ran for the County Board four years, he pledged to lower taxes.

Now, he is leading the charge against the McHenry High School District’s and City of McHenry’s efforts to hike taxes.

His $25 fundraiser is Monday night at Stucky’s in Johnsburg from 5:30-8.

The address is 400 N. Johnsburg Road (near the bowling alley).


Tax Fighter Chuck Wheeler’s Fund Raiser Monday Nigth in Johnsburg — 4 Comments

  1. After reading the invitation to this fundraiser/free-sunshine-blogger-meal event, I am glad Mr. Wheeler will use this opportunity to address systemic abuse and police brutality toward African Americans. After all, these unarmed African Americans shot dead by the police all over this country were taxpayers too. I suggest Mr. Wheeler to open the discussion in support of criminal justice reform, the expansion of Affirmative Action initiatives, and Slavery Reparations. I am confident the McHenry County republikkklan party leadership will be very enthusiastic about these proposals and more. Stay tuned…50 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock

  2. Sorry, Angel, Taxpayers’ Lives DO matter.

    We are not cows to be milked forever by the likes of you Communists to fund our own destruction.

    Wheeler understands that.

    You never will.

    Because you are a total leech with a fat teacher’s pension for 20+ years of brainwashing service.

    A pension that will be ultimately and significantly reduced by a bankruptcy judge.

    Sorry Angel, you can return to hell now.

  3. Since the Trib reported over 500 instances of teacher sexual abuse on kids at CPS. I wonder if Mr. Wheeler can “use this opportunity”, to give us the stats on incidents, in this areas Public School day care centers we’re stuck paying for.

    Who would have thunk, that the teachy kid profession, would attractive pedophiles and sexual miscreants?

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