Paula Yensen’s Comments on Recorder’s Automation Fund : Schuster’s Notes vs Delayed Recording

After being chided in a comment under her article about Paula Yensen’s having used the term “slush fund” to describe the Automation Fund in Joe Tirio’s Recorder’s Office, former County Board member Ersel Schuster wrote the following:

My Mom and Dad Always Cautioned To: “Look Before You Leap.”

The recording of the September 13, 2018, McHenry County Board Committee of the Whole Meeting was unavailable at some point after the meeting ended.

This advice stands the test of time.

Comments to my recent article, posted on this blog (9/16/18), caused me to again listen to the McHenry County Board audio of 9/13/18 Committee of the Whole (COW).

Originally, on 9/13/18 while listening, and taking notes, the webcast went dead. Just before the webcast went down, at approximately 1:36, the notes indicated the term “slush” fund.

Upon reflection, should I have held off on submitting the article?

Clearly, yes.

Per the “9/15/18” reboot of the 9/13/18 meeting webcast, Member Yensen is speaking.

While it is a long statement, the following excerpt is the interesting part of that discussion:

Paula Yensen

“…it is a concern where the surplus grew from $2 to $2.5 million. I had no idea!

[Line 75 of the McHenry County Treasurer’s Report shows how much is in the Automation Fund. I found a link in the web page sent to all County Board members and available to the public. Yensen has been on the County Board a long time and by now should be familiar with what is in the Treasurer’s Report.]

“And never once did you disclose this surplus to the county board that I can remember.”

“And, your monthly reports never showed these surpluses. Now um… while I need to look at your new resolution I do have more concerns. I think that one would have to know that it existed to know to look for it. It was buried in the treasurer’s report and never once was it disclosed in the Recorder’s report.”

“You grew the secret surplus, and I consider it secret, because it was not disclosed, it was not transparent.”

After accusing Recorder Tirio of harboring a “secret” fund of tax payer dollars… she attempts to redeem herself by stating:

“No one says that what you are doing is illegal…

“I’m not saying you’re doing anything illegal… but it is wrong, and it is bad public policy and it is why people don’t trust government.”

The word used in the 9/15/18 audio clearly states “SECRET” surplus.

While the notes on 9/13/18 reflect otherwise, I will go with “secret” as the term used.

I could very well have made a mistake.

If so, that I apologize for.

However… and frankly, accusing a public official of keeping a “secret” fund is more offensive than accusing one of keeping a “slush” fund.

What is bad public policy is for public officials to make calculated and outrageous statements while grandstanding for political purposes.

It is completely uncalled for and we deserve better than this.

These simple questions could/should have been asked before the meeting.

It is especially offensive when it is your job to know these things.

In holding the public’s purse-strings; understanding, questioning and passing judgement on these vary budgets is a county board members’ most important duty.

To state that… “I had no idea! And never once did you disclose this surplus to the county board that I can remember.” … is the ultimate slap in the face to the public that put you into office.

= = = = =
One wonders if the attack by Chairman Jack Franks and Board member Paula Yensen, both Democrats, would have occurred had Tirio not been running for County Clerk.


Paula Yensen’s Comments on Recorder’s Automation Fund : Schuster’s Notes vs Delayed Recording — 12 Comments

  1. I listened to the tape, when it first again becam available.

    I heard Yensen say ‘slush fund’ and use malignant language similar to the defamatory Tirio mailers, so it stuck in my mind.

  2. Our Israeli overlords at work +

    The malware of concern, dubbed Pegasus, is the creation of NSO Group, an Israeli company valued at close to $1 billion. It can hide on Apple or Google devices, spying via the camera, listening in on conversations through the microphone, stealing documents and siphoning off once-private messages, amongst other surreptitious activities

  3. I appreciate Schuster’s willingness to admit she was wrong.

    Susan, please point out in the video where she says it.

    But, further, I am completely baffled at the idea that board members and the Chairman are not supposed to ask questions in that setting.

    That is what happens at every governmental hearing I’ve attended, watched, and/or participated in.

    When JB Pritzker introduces his budget next year, will you be opposed when Republicans ask agency directors questions about the budget proposal in committee hearings?

  4. Once again Shuster trying to act like something she has to say is relevent

  5. Tirio answered Franks questions.

    The problem that was with the interrogation are that Franks knew these things months ago!

    Jack wanted to make a political spectical of the whole thing.

    And if Yensen was doing her job they are public record!

    It is quite hilarious that Yensen is complaining about how good Tirio is running his office.

    I wonder if she was complaining when the Valley Hi reserve got out of hand when she was on the board!

    She didn’t catch that one either! I believe it was Hammerhand that found this out.

  6. Next meeting someone staple a laser pointer to her head.

    Will keep her busy for hours chasing the dot.

  7. @AlabamaShake

    It’s not so much the questioning by Yensen (or anyone else) it’s the fact that Yensen is a board member and the fund balance was detailed (correctly, it seems) in the treasurer’s report.

    For her to state, suggest, infer or. . . that she had no knowledge of this is disingenuous.

    Either she is an empty suit who doesn’t read the materials set in front of her (best case scenario) or just another political hack seeking to make hay.

    Well, to this reader she scores solid points for being a hack.

    This was nothing more than yet another failed attempt to put dirt on Tirio based upon something that he, AS WELL AS HIS PREDECESSOR, were required by statute to do.

    Secret Fund indeed.

    Ignorance can be cured, stupid is forever, Paula.

    You were handed the cure and chose not to take it.

    Your bad!

    Paula, I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

    You embarrassed yourself.

    If this was meant to be your Cory Booker “Spartacus Moment”, may I be the first to congratulate you on your success.

  8. Politics as a Spectator Sport – You nailed it, very astute. Political grandstanding at it’s worst.

  9. WHO are those guys as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid said?

    Who are those guys (and gals) who were behind the disgusting mailers (from a UNION print shop no less) who slimed Tirio?

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