State Senate Candidates’ Night – Part 6 – Campaign Contributions

Continuing coverage of the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night for those seeking State Senate seats looking at answers to the question of campaign contributions.

And the candidates had a minute to answer the question

My notes are below:

32nd District

Craig Wilcox

  • Mary Mahady

    Republican Craig Wilcox – need transparency in government and compliance with the Open Meetings Act.

  • Democrat Mary Mahady – more transparency.  Wants campaign finance reporting to show who contracts are given to.  Legislators should abstain from voting if contributor benefiting.

33rd District

Don DeWitte

  • Nancy Zettler

    Republican Don DeWitte – pointed out that anyone can look at who gives what.  Said that the law is very clear about conflicts of interest.  “If one has a fiduciary interest,” required to abstain or recuse oneself.

  • Democrat Nancy Zettler – “Get rid or dark money in this state. ”  She specifically mentioned Dan Proft and complained that “candidates get to pretend there’s no coordination with candidates.”  Finally, “need a lot more cracking down at the state and local level.”

26th District

Don McConchie

Tom Georges

  • Republican Dan McConchie – “What’s corrupt is that $5,600” is the maximum than an individual can contribute to a candidate, but “Mike Madigan can get get $1 million, $10 million, $20 million and he uses that money to [force candidates to support his agenda].  It doesn’t allow any individual to go out and raise enough money to run a campaign.”
  • Democrat Tom Georges – referred to an “unfair system, an unfair playing field.”


State Senate Candidates’ Night – Part 6 – Campaign Contributions — 1 Comment

  1. Zettler read another Harry Potter book and got scared.

    No ‘dark money’ secret societies here.

    Just a lot of bad Democrat Public Policy and people finally calling them out on it all.

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