State Senate Candidates’ Night – Part 5 – Budget Shortfall

Continuing coverage of the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night for those seeking State Senate seats looking at answers to the question of  what to do with the State’s budget shortfall.

And the candidates had a minute to answer the question

My notes are below:

32nd District

Craig Wilcox

  • Mary Mahady

    Republican Craig Wilcox – comments that the progressive income tax bill that has been introduced would increase taxes on “everyone over $17,300.” He referred to a cartoon. With regard to passing a progressive income tax:”That just drives away the people who have no problem leaving .  We have plenty of revenue in Illinois.”  He then said that spending is the problem.

  • Democrat Mary Mahady – “Cut corporate welfare.”  She also talked about the overwhelming passage of the advisory referendum asking if there should be a tax on millionaires.

33rd District

Don DeWitte

  • Nancy Zettler

    Republican Don DeWitte – echoed other Republicans’ message that the problem was not needing more revenue.  “My opponent supports a progressive income tax [which wold increase taxes for people over $7,150.  I will not.”  He also expressed opposition to a mileage tax.

  • Democrat Nancy Zettler – “against corporate welfare.  Many of those corporations pay little or no taxes.”  Favors a Fair Tax, increasing taxes “on corporations, millionaire and billionaires.”

26th District

Don McConchie

Tom Georges

  • Republican Dan McConchie – “Last year we increased income taxes by 32%.  The state has a $1.2 billion structural deficit.  The Senate Democrats passed $1.4 billion in additional spending. We need to constrain spending.”
  • Democrat Tom Georges – “Need economic development.”  He then argued that the number of State Senators should be reduced from 59.  “Why does California have forty?”  Favors taxing the” top 5% of the population” more.


State Senate Candidates’ Night – Part 5 – Budget Shortfall — 5 Comments

  1. Why do Dems always mix up Karl Marx and Groucho Marx when campaigning?

  2. Same old bs from Democrats. Corporations not paying enough taxes and are evil and raise taxes on those who contribute the most to government. With regard to federal taxes, the bottom 50 percent of filers, per Adjusted Gross Income, ONLY contribute approximately 3 percent to the operation of our U.S. Government which includes the military that keeps us all safe.

  3. I’m against corporate welfare too.

    What corporate welfare are you referring to though, and how much money is it?

    I feel like the “corporate welfare” talking point is kind of a cop out to avoid specifics.

    This state is goofed up bad and politicians who act like there is an easy fix are out of their element imho.

    Republicans are just as bad in this. “spending is the problem.” What are you going to cut??

    Look at these politicians taking the politically expedient answers on abortion and pot.

    Then it comes to budget and the tough stuff and they don’t say anything substantive.

    Your forum series has been disappointing.

    Not the reporting per se, but the responses from all these candidates.

    These people aren’t going to make Illinois great.

  4. One different answer that came up was from Wilcox which I found interesting.

    Didn’t he say when he gets down to Springfield he isn’t looking to write laws but get rid of laws that hurt Illinois? Or something to that affect?

    Anyone confirm this?

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