Snapchat Threat Leads to Arrest of 18-Year Old Huntley High School Student

A press release from the Huntley School District:

School Threat

On Thursday September 20, 2018 the Huntley Police Department was made aware of a potentially threatening post made by a Huntley High School Student using Snapchat.

Another Huntley High School Student had reported the threatening post to school administration.

Ryan Sadoski

After a thorough investigation Huntley Police Detectives identified the suspect and at approximately 3:06 a.m. Friday, September 21, 2018, executed a search warrant on the suspect’s residence.

Items of evidentiary value were removed from the residence as a result of this investigation and pursuant to the search warrant.

Subsequently Ryan J. Sadoski, age 18, was charged with Disorderly Conduct a Class 4 felony.

He was transported to McHenry County Corrections to await bond.

There were no other persons involved in this threat.

Suspect: Ryan Joseph Sadoski DOB 09/15/2000, Address: 10558 Fleetwood St Huntley IL

Charge: Disorderly Conduct (Class 4 Felony)


Snapchat Threat Leads to Arrest of 18-Year Old Huntley High School Student — 3 Comments

  1. Disorderly Conduct now a FELONY ?

    House raided at 3 a.m. and property seized all over a POTENTIALLY threatening post ?

    This from a police department that can’t seem to apprehend residential/business burglars and robbers.

    What next ?

    HPD revenue enhancement agents issuing citations for POTENTIAL traffic offenses ?

    Knowing their reputation, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  2. Honest Abe speaks the truth!

    Why is the drug house on Short St., Crystal Lake (only house on extremely short street) protected?

    What’s the deal with Crystal Lake Police … are Nygren’s flunkies in charge and still on-the-take?

    Oh, yeah, they are.

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