Capitol Fax Internet Debate Poll Disappears after Libertarian Candidate Comes in First

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

After NBC’s gubernatorial debate, Rich Miller of Capitol Fax posted an online poll asking the internet who he thought won.

The last time I checked the poll, Pritzker was in the mid 40’s, Jackson was in the low 20’s, and McCann and Rauner were tied at 17.

As time went on, supporters of Jackson flooded the poll, while the other three candidates stagnated.

Eventually, Jackson ended up leading the poll.

That was when Miller had had enough and removed the poll because he claimed Libertarians “freeped” it.

Let me explain something.

The poll was unscientific and on the internet, meaning it’s worthless.

Miller knows how polls work and he knows how the internet works, yet he was shocked and outraged that the results didn’t go the way he wanted?

At least one commenter whined about how Libertarians were sharing the poll on Facebook.

Supporters of the other three candidates are just as capable of sharing a link on Facebook.

In fact, the other candidates have way more money than Kash Jackson and even have paid workers who could have done that.

According to Illinois Sunshine, Jackson has raised less than 11 thousand dollars, compared to McCann’s $1.62 million, Rauner’s $78.78 million, and Pritzker’s $128.48 million.

The fact that those campaigns are too stupid and lazy to use the internet reflects on their lack of political and technological savvy.

It also gives you some idea where the youth vote is headed.

As for the issue of “freeping” occurring, it probably did, but, again, this is the internet.

What did Miller expect?

And, once again, anybody could use multiple devices or multiple browsers to vote multiple times.

It’s shocking how Miller is treated as a serious journalist instead of just a blogger. The bias on his site is obvious to anyone except liberals with their heads in the sand. Even honest liberals know it.

Miller’s fit of hysteria and removal of a poll that he created because he didn’t like the results exposes him for the partisan hack that he truly is.

Before anybody comments that McHenry County Blog is biased and they’re being “hypocrites,” everybody knows Cal is a blogger, and he’s somewhat upfront about his political leaning.

Miller, on the other hand, pretends to be a hard journalist with no agenda.

I encourage voters to watch the debate themselves and make up their own minds.


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