Nick Kachiroubas, CL City Clerk,Labeled “Expert” by Illinois News Network

DePaul’s School of Public Service Associate Professor Nick Kachiroubas, who serves as Crystal Lake’s City Clerk, was quoted as an “expert” by the Illinois News Network last week.

Nick Kachiroubas,

The subject was the impact of third party nominee Sam McCann on Governor Bruce Rauner’s chances of re-election.

The article says that the debate “has convinced him that third-party candidate Sam McCann could be a problem for the first-term incumbent.”

Kachiroubas said.

“Seeing the way he was attacking Gov. Rauner and the way he was positioning him against the Trump administration, McCann – for good or for bad – spoke directly to those people.”


Nick Kachiroubas, CL City Clerk,Labeled “Expert” by Illinois News Network — 7 Comments

  1. When I was in College, Poly Sci was a joke elective used to boost your GPA and taught by miserable History Major bustouts.

    Now there are entire College Departments dedicated to training these same rejects, to extract every dollar from taxpayers and retire millionaires.

  2. My Oberlin College put such courses in a “Government” Department.

  3. Any relationship to Kris Kachiroubas Clerk of Dupage County?

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