Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager Endorses Carlos Acosta for County Board

Considering Republican McHenry County Board member Michael Rein ran against Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager last year, it’s not a surprise that Sager has endorsed Democratic AFSCME union leader Carlos Acosta for the County Board.

Carlos Acosta

Acosta announced the endorsement on his Facebook page:

“I am honored to announce that Dr. Brian Sager, Mayor of the City of Woodstock, has endorsed my campaign for McHenry County Board District 5!”
Mayor Sager writes,
“In today’s politically charged environment, some wonder why candidates are willing to put themselves under a microscope and enter a race.
” Fortunately, there are still those who do so, not for a career, personal gain or financial benefit, but out of a sense of community service.

Brian Sager

“Carlos Acosta, Candidate for District 5 McHenry County Board Member, is one such individual.

” Carlos has served Woodstock and the larger McHenry County community for many years in the area of social services and outreach and has always done so with a focus on helping others to attain their goals and find a better quality of life.
“I support candidates who are willing to work hard and work together to find solutions, no matter what the political affiliation.
“Carlos will do just that.
” I urge voters of District 5 to support him in the November 6th General Election.”



Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager Endorses Carlos Acosta for County Board — 21 Comments

  1. I’m thinking Casual Friday in Woodstock should be Che Guevara tees and fatigues.

  2. A socialist endorsed by a …..

    Hardly worth the bandwidth to download this news.

  3. If Sager likes him you know he’s not the right man for the taxpayer funded position.

  4. Throughout the remainder of this election cycle, take note on the endorsements and contributions that Acosta receives but Wedig, the other Democrat running for county board district 5, does not.

    Then do some thinking.

    What do these people have in common?

    Why would they endorse one Democratic candidate but not the other?

    Is there a fundraising discrepancy between the candidates?

    Who is funding these candidates?

    Why would there be a fundraising discrepancy?

    Given who is supporting who, is it important to vote?

    Who would I like to see on the county board?

    Who would I not like to see on the county board?

  5. People don’t like incumbent Michael Rein.

    He’s had 4 years.

    In the primary, he survived making top 2 by 6 votes.

    That’s it.

    6 votes kept him alive and on the ballet in November.

    He’s not very popular.

    Should say something when a Republican mayor endorses a Democrat county board candidate.

    However, his signs put up in vacant lots across Woodstock look great!

  6. An American –

    It is unusual for an elected official to endorse someone from the other party, but Sager knows Carlos and thinks very highly of him.

    It’s pretty simple.

    Not sure why Cal reads this as a shot at Rein.

    Unless Cal knows something that he’s not sharing with the rest of us, it’s a stretch to say this is “not surprising” just because they ran against each other in the primary?

    If Cal wants to let us know why he thinks Sager is holding onto some grudge from a primary, please do share Cal!

    In the meantime, read the endorsement.

    The endorsement only speaks to Carlos, Carlos’ work ethic, and Carlos’ sense of public service.

    Clearly Sager thinks Carlos is someone who should serve on the county board.

    Vote for Carlos!

  7. oh – Sager resigned from the Republican party.

    He has always been RINO.

  8. Sager is a Jack Franks supporter too.

    Sager endorses liars and union goon socialist commies.

    AND he turned Woodstock into a sh!thole.

    What a record!!! LoL!

  9. Rein seems to be the only taxfighter in District 5.

    Jung is collecting a pension, taking benefits and a paycheck.

    Skala has done nothing in 6 years.

    Yensen is a socialist.

    I have driven Rt. 47 and doesn’t seem like vacant lots to me.

    It appears that businesses support Rein heavily.

    But Sager is not even a RINO he is a Democrat!

    Acosta has protested against ICE and is a progressive!

    And you are right Casey, Sager has turned Woodstock into the next Harvard but the voters in Woodstock don’t care.

    It will continue to degrade and be a laughing stock while other towns in McHenry County will do better.

    I hope that Rein wins just to be a thorn in Franks side!

  10. There are no Republicans or Democrats – its the political class against the rest of us.

  11. Nobody better to describe fundraising conspiracy theories and “defend” McHenry County from Carlos Acosta than lunatic sunshine commenters. Carlos Acosta will soon become the first Latino to be elected to our McHenry County Board. Carlos is a decent, honorable, well respected, committed resident of McHenry County who is ready to serve us well from the County Board. The fact that Carlos brings the perspective of a proven labor union leader to our County Board scares the heck out of my compassionate conservative, business friendly, reactionary friends. Mayor Sager’s endorsement speaks for itself. One more thing. Lean forward. Hear the whisper? It is not a whisper anymore. It is a growing, overwhelming noise of a gigantic, unstoppable bluenami which will wash away this discredited and morally bankrupt republikkklan leadership from the United States Congress. Stay tuned…42 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, oinc, oinc, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  12. Sager resigned as a Republican pc. and Rein ran against Sager in a muni election.

    Do you actually think Sager would endorse a guy who forced him to campaign and spend money?

    What is Sager’s opinion of Rein, Jung, or Wedig?

    We don’t know.

    All we know is he likes Acosta. Yet two people will be elected.

    Why doesn’t Sager have an opinion about anyone but Acosta?

    This is a good reason to not support Acosta.

    When the corrupt status quo of Woodstock endorses a county board candidate, don’t vote for that person.

    And by the way, mayors make endorsements all the time. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

    To address multiple people, are you implying Acosta is like a moderate or something because a “Republican” is endorsing him?

    And six votes who even are you?

    How long have you lived in McHenry County?

    We’ve had tie votes before…

    Are you saying that because someone had a close primary we should vote for the opposite party?

    So Jeanne Ives supporters should vote for Pritzker?

    Should Bernie supporters vote for Trump?

    Your comment section is straight up clownworld, Cal.

    Where do you find these people?

  13. I just donated to Carlos Acosta’s campaign. Dear sunshine commenters, please donate, canvass, and phone bank to get our first Latino elected to our McHenry County Board. Stay tuned…42 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. “Are you saying that because someone had a close primary we should vote for the opposite party?”


    Never said that.

    Never implied it.

    “So Jeanne Ives supporters should vote for Pritzker?”


    Never said that.

    Never implied it.

    “Should Bernie supporters vote for Trump?”


    Never said that.

    Never implied it.

    Reading compression is tough stuff.

  15. Is it racist to vote for somebody JUST because and ONLY because of their ethnicity? Intelligent and patriotic voters will pick a candidate without consideration of that candidate’s gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

  16. Sager, Turner and crew are championing a new TIF with 10X footprint of expiring TIF

    Woodstock has had property tax rates above 4% for many years.

    This TIF will, without exception, without qualification, INCREASE tax rates on all Woodstock CUSD taxpayers who are not direct beneficiaries of TIF money from Sager, Turner and crew.

    As a specific example, for every $20 million of EAV included in this new TIF, over the 23 year lifetime of the TIF
    (and this TIF has a legal lifetime of 35 years under most predictable circumstances)

    and assessed property value appreciates at 2% annually…

    Taxpayers will need to pay an ADDITIONAL $16 million dollars in order to give Sager and Turner and crew that money to give to developers or property owners of their choice.

    ‘Infrastructure’ is a big red herring.

    ‘New property tax revenue’ is a big canard–35 years from now, the property has to go back on the tax rolls with INFLATION INCLUDED by law.

    And JUST LIKE THIS TIME—THERE ALREADY IS AN EXPIRING TIF IN WOODSTOCK–the politicians of 35 years hence can use these same unsupportable rationale to bamboozle voters into yet ANOTHER TIF.

  17. Jack Franks spoke to me on the phone about the inequity of the Lakewood TIF.

    I call on Chairman Franks to demand that McHenry County Board, with standing to PROTEST the Woodstock TIF, use all the power of Illinois law and standing in the press to impede the Woodstock TIF which will devastate the taxpayers of Woodstock CUSD 200.

    ALL inflationary tax revenue WHICH WOULD HAVE GONE TO PAY McHENRY COUNTY BOARD LEVIES over the next 35 years will need to be replaced by all the other McHenry County taxpayers outside the Woodstock TIF.

    There is ZERO benefit for Woodstock OR McHenry County to allow MORE non-revenue-contributory property development in this County.

    ALL the benefit goes to the developer-recipients of TIF handouts.

    By inference, we can assume that the political hander-outers don’t do too badly themselves with this deal.

  18. @6votes What has Rein done to say that he is unpopular?

    The only thing that he has done has been to be a taxfighter and have a fair government working for the people!

    What votes did vote for that you think makes him not popular?

  19. Well he lost to Sager and he basically split the vote for 3rd place in the primary.

    I don’t know of any “votes” that made him unpopular but he apparently is.

    I’ve talked to him and came away less than impressed.

    I know quite a few people who know him better than me and they don’t think much of him either.

    Probably doesn’t answer your question but that’s the way I see it.

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