Huntley Has Lots of Downed Tree & Power Lines, Extensive Property Damage

From the Village of Huntley:

Severe Weather Event

Huntley experienced a severe weather event earlier this evening.

The only prior notice of severe weather was a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the National Weather Service.

We have called in all available personnel.

Police, fire, public works, and building department personnel will likely be working through the night to address the downed trees and safety issues in the community.

Crews are out assessing the damage throughout the community.

Although there is extensive property damage, at this time there have been no reports of injuries.

Police personnel are checking on the safety of residents in damaged houses.

Building department personnel are also working with affected residents on structural issues of their homes.

Expect intermittent street closures as crews clean up.

The area around downtown is currently shut down to all through traffic.

Only residents returning to their homes will be allowed to access this area.

We are aware of power outages throughout the community.

ComEd is currently on the scene working to restore electricity.

We ask our residents to continue to exercise caution during the clean-up phase.

Please call 911 for any emergency or if you see downed wires.

Do not go near or try to move power lines yourself.

To report downed trees and other safety issues, please call the nonemergency line at 847-515-5311.

Please report any non-emergency issues at a later date, if possible.

During the clean-up, we ask that you limit your travel for the safety of yourself and our crews.

Please check in on neighbors (especially the elderly).

We appreciate your patience as we address the issues throughout the Village.

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Huntley Police also report, “Gates are down at Rt 47 and Main Street railroad tracks. Use Algonquin Road – Haligus – Kreutzer as a detour.


Huntley Has Lots of Downed Tree & Power Lines, Extensive Property Damage — 2 Comments

  1. Anthropogenic climate change comes to Huntley, but we survived.

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