John Kasich Positions Himself as Anti-Trump for 2020 GOP Nomination by Opposing Brett Kavanaugh Nomination

Continuing to position himself as the anti-Trump candidate for President in 2020, Ohio Governor John Kasich sent the following press release:

John Kaish Calls for Investigation of Allegations

Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued the following statement about Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“Given the questions and allegations surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination – and the higher standards demanded for a lifetime appointment – the United States Senate should not rush to confirm him.

“In the absence of a complete and thorough investigation, and hearing from all parties involved, moving this nomination forward would be a mistake.

“In the best interest of our country and the integrity of the court, the Senate needs to hold on this confirmation.

“Without an investigation, and with so many serious issues involved, I can’t support this nomination if they choose to move forward.”


John Kasich Positions Himself as Anti-Trump for 2020 GOP Nomination by Opposing Brett Kavanaugh Nomination — 11 Comments

  1. Finally!!!

    So sick of the excuses men make for sexual assault.

    In the past, I have been a moderate voter and gone back and forth between the parties.

    Gov. Kasich was my primary vote before Republicans became the party of Trump.

    Newsflash boys: women are sick of: why was she at the party, what was she drinking, what was she wearing?

    Why can’t any of them say-sexual assault is wrong under any circumstance?

    Because the fish rots from 45 on down.

    Listen to what he says about his own daughters.

    I dare any father to defend that.

  2. Trump 2020 !
    The deranged Left is fun to watch – let’s keep the TDS train going at full speed – MAGA !

  3. Many thanks to the anti-Trump crapstain community, for your enthusiastic self-id’ing this morning.

  4. John Kasich is a Rino. He was soundly beaten before the primaries ended in 2016 and chose to hang around. He should just go away after his governor term in Ohio is completed.

  5. Kasich, like the late John McCain, cannot forgive Trump for being President instead of him.

  6. Liar Kasich!: Just another Loser like McCain, Bush the lesser (and the greater), Romney, Dole, etc.

    “Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) believes the third time’s a charm as he reportedly strategizes for a White House run on the GOP ticket for 2020, and he’s adopting a campaign platform right out of the Democratic Party’s playbook – complete with open immigration and climate change alarmism as its hallmarks, while moving away from nationalism.”

  7. It’s amazing to see republicans attack any fellow Republican that hasn’t gotten into bed with Trump.
    It’s hard to even remember what Republicans used to stand for before Trump seized the party but I can tell you John Kasich and John McCain are a lot closer to the Party of Lincoln than the old pussy-grabber.

  8. Trump lives in poor little snowflake Joekv’s head rent free and now he’s developed
    a chronic case of TDS.

    And if that wasn’t bad enough, now nobody wants to grab his pussy.

  9. Joeky thinks it is amazing that some Republicans, Conservatives do not support RINOs such as Kasich. No. What is really amazing how Democrats have no values, no decency when they blindly and uniformly support thugs and sexual offenders in their Party. How often have Democrats circled the wagons for one of their own when they should have shunned or kicked out someone such as serial sexual offender Bill Clinton. This guy has attacked women and had taken advantage of a very young and vulnerable woman barely out of her teen age years. Then, after his impeachment for a related perjury, the Democrats circled the wagons to support Bill and even exclaim (by Al Gore) that Clinton was a fine, a great president. Of course the Democrats totally supported Hillary AFTER the top investigation agency found that she was grossly negligent of crimes related to her using a non-protected private email server that jepordized our Nation’s security.

  10. Kaish is a TRAITOR to the American people that voted for him.

    If he speaks at the Democratic convention, he should be voted out of the Senate and shamed……..

    He has no morals or character, thus, does NOT belong in the Senate……

    Shameful, sad, resentful man.

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