McHenry Township Road District Opponents Take to Facebook

Here’s what the Citizens for Facts First have put on Facebook in opposition to the referendum to consolidate the McHenry Township Road District with the Township.

It will also show up in emails,  4 x 4 foot signs and palm cards.

If passed, the referendum would eliminate an elected Road Commissioner in 2021 and put the highway department under the Township Board.

Citizens for Facts First,the group opposing the consolidation of the McHenry Township Road District with the Township under the Township Board put this on Facebook.


McHenry Township Road District Opponents Take to Facebook — 16 Comments

  1. While we are wanting “facts first”, what are the “facts” that support the claim of “increased taxes and less local control”?

    How will taxes increased?

    How is local control affected?

    Isn’t the Township Board still local?

    Isn’t it controlled by the voters?

  2. Very cute picture. It’s good to give people a laugh, like having Tina Hill as your spokesperson. Little boys rarely wear cowboy shirts these days so it’s a bit outdated, as is township government. And I bet the Township Officials of Illinois are shaking in their cowboy boots that some change, no matter how incremental, might be made to upset their apple cart. They’ll be pouring in resources and manpower to try to make sure this referendum doesn’t pass. Nothing like a threat to an established government entity to bring out the long knives. Hopefully people will see (and vote yes) to replace a one-man rule with a 5-man board oversight of probably 15 million dollars of road district money. That’s a fact and common sense.

  3. Why can the streets and roads be maintained in the villages and county without an elected road commissioner? Why can’t the townships assume the same paradigm? Is it just because the status quo just can’t lose to Bob?

  4. This is like Township rats telling me to watch Wyle E. Coyote cartoons, to prove why gravity is a myth.

  5. I like seeing these road side anti snowplow/barber nutjob signs.

  6. I am torn between a “yes” or a “no” vote.

    I understand that the current McHenry Twsp Road Commissioner is an experienced and competent person earning $80,000 per year.

    I have heard of no criticism of his job or work product.

    He was elected by the citizenry to a 4 year term.

    I strongly believe that Illinois needs less government and consolidation of many government units.

    The reasons for this belief are too many for this post.

    On the other hand, I do not believe that there is one township board in McHenry County that has the expertise to run a highway system.

    Currently, the township board does nothing much….approves welfare recipients, runs one or more cemeteries, and other odd jobs.

    It seems to me that the township board should be eliminated and the road commissioner should answer to, maybe, the county highway head?

    I don’t know, but I do know that the current McHenry Township board is not competent to run our highway issues.

    If the referendum is to pass and the highway commissioner abolished, the Board would then have to retain a competent person to perform the same duties and it seems more than probable that will cost more than the current $80,000 being paid for the job.

    I will be voting NO to the proposal.

  7. The Township Board does not get to know any details about public assistant recipients.

  8. Bishop, you’re wrong, as usual, have you been imbibing with Mr. Condon at the Rusty Nail?

    Road Comm’r gets FAR more than that, (salary is higher, pension costs, ‘reimbursements,’ ‘expense accounts,’ etc.) … and that’s just ‘legal or passably legal’ costs. We see what happened in Algonquin (WISC. Hooter’s luncheons, Disneyland Trips, Amazon purchases of fine woman’s purses, etc.) under Bobby Miller’s reign, what can, will and does happen.

    I’m sick of all the nepotism. Condon’s kid was hired by the township. Then Condon hired disgraced Bob Miller as a McHenry Township consultant.

    If you can’t see what’s wrong with all that, please get your eyes tested!

  9. I have never imbibed anywhere with Mr. Condon.

    The issue before the voters of McHenry Township do not relate to what has or hasn’t happened in Algonquin Township.

    My point is maybe we should abolish both the road commissioner and township board, but I don’t think abolishing the road commissioner and passing those responsibilities to the township board will be cost effective or more efficient.

  10. Drop the pseudo-open-minded guise, Bishop/Condon.

    It doesn’t work.

  11. Get me permission from the writer and I’ll put it up here.

  12. Townships blow! They blow money.

    I’m sick of condon’s nepotism.

    Will Jim Condon end this way?:

    Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced former Essex Township Clerk Traci Freytag pleaded guilty to stealing taxpayer money for personal expenses including two trips to Florida.

    Freytag, 50, of Essex, Ill., pleaded guilty to one count of theft of government property, a Class 1 felony and was sentenced to four years in prison by Kankakee County Circuit Court Judge Kathy Elliott.

    Freytag was appointed township clerk in August 2014.

    Between November 2014 through May 2016, Freytag deposited $94,000 of Essex township checks into her personal bank account.

    As clerk, Freytag had access to Essex township bank accounts and was able to write checks from those accounts.

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