Craig Wilcox Fundraiser at Spectacular Site

Folks gathered to eat and chat at State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox’ fundraiser at Michael Rein’s property.

Two weeks ago Saturday was a spectacular day.

Short sleeve, sunny weather.

State Rep. candidate Tom Weber chats with State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox.

That was the day of State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox held a fund raiser that day on the highest spot in southeastern McHenry County.

There was all sorts of food at Craig Wilcox’ fundraiser.  The roasted corn was scrumptious.

From the East Main Street address in rural Cary, I thought it was being held at the bar high school students of my generation got served beer.

One high school friend remembered as being called “Lily’s. Ski View.”

(Unlike Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, I didn’t like beer. Still don’t.)

Anne Brettman takes a photo of her husband Orville, County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio and a newly-slimmed down Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

No Wilcox signs at the bar, so I kept driving.

Soon I reached the Lake County line.

People ate out on a flat area where one can easily imagine Indians have gathered around a big camp fire.

The good township road turned into a narrow street leading to the Fox River and a big house on the Fox River.

Turning around, I drove until I saw small Wilcox yard signs next to a driveway.

Someone grabbed my camera as I was gathering food. The Buddy Break shirt is from a morning event at my Crystal Lake Methodist Church at which parents of special needs kids are given three hours of free time about once a month.

Up a hill I went until I saw a sign saying, “Parking.”

The area was shaded by tall oak trees and I saw signs of a party.

Past the port-a-potty and the grill I found the festivities, which had been going on for well over an hour.

There was a flat area down from an old white farm house at the peak of the hill.

Realtor Michael Rein owns the property and the view toward Lake Michigan is spectacular.

The Michael Rein property a day when a hot air balloon was out near the Fox River.

When to led a tour to his patio in front of his home, all one could see was the tops of trees and municipal water towers.

A view of the Fox River Valley from the highest point in southeastern McHenry County, Michael Rein’s property.

Rein explained that the site was an Indian gathering place, complete with welcoming tree.

Indian Welcoming Tree can be seen on the left at Michael Rain’s property overlooking the Fox River Valley.

Small mounds on the property overlooking the Fox River had been probed and thought to have been built by Indians.

Rein said one could see fireworks from Waukegan, Lake Forest and Chicago from his heights.

Of course there was stimulating political conversation, games for kids, a disk jockey for those who wanted to dance.

If Rein allows Wilcox to hold another fundraiser there, I’ll bet I can even convince my wife to attend.


Craig Wilcox Fundraiser at Spectacular Site — 8 Comments

  1. The hot air balloon was a silly attempt by Mahady to surveil Wilcox’s doings.

    Despite all of Mahady’s leftist hot air, she strayed off course, as usual, swerving hard left and crash-landed in Des Plaines.

    Pat Murfin, grumbling, did get her balloon gear and drove her to Underwood’s LGBTQ ‘gender-bender’ fundraiser.

    But that was a dud.

    Some prankster threw red dye in the giant hot tub where Underwood was trying to generate a ‘blue wave’ of some sort.×300.jpg

  2. Who’s severed arm is that?!!!

    I had nothing to do with it.

    Maybe Underwood did it to get publicity.

  3. A candid photo of cal, where’s the free food, skinner with his plate on full blown over-flow.

    The real news is he set down his camera.

    He is usually jamming it some poor soul’s face. \

    Seriously cal, cut back some.

    You are really way too thick for a man of your age.

  4. Tom, are you Eddie Komenda, aka the ‘useless NWH appenda.’

    When you resort to personal attacks, that’s when I call you out!

  5. Hey gasserbacker.

    Like I could give one I care what you think or do.

    By the way right behind cal’s overly thick look is our guy gasser’s obesity.

  6. Dear Mr. Tom: you stole my line. The headline of this story reads “spectacular site” but I see nothing more spectacular than my sunshine blogger’s belly. According to sources, that was his 27th plate. The investigation continues. Stay tuned…meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  7. Tom you’re making us all think you’re Ed Komenda.

    You haven’t been around to see Andrew.

    He’s quite thin now.

    But just like the NWHerald, you’re off on your facts.

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