Craig Wilcox Sworn Into State Senate

Craig Wilcox being sworn into the State Senate by Judge Michael Sullivan.

Last night at the McHenry VFW, McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox was sworn in as a State Senator.

Judge Michael Sullivan congratulates Craig Wilcox on entering the State Senate.

He replaced Pam Althoff, who resigned early and is running for the McHenry County Board.

Although, who thought she had a Democratic Party opponent when she made the decision to step down, did not want her opponent to claim that her legislative position would influence voters to support her.

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The following press release from McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen explains how Wilcox got the appointment:

The McHenry and Lake County Republican Central Committees are pleased to announce, effective October 1, 2018, the appointment of Craig Wilcox, Colonel, USAF (retired) to fill the unexpired Senate term of Senator Pamela Althoff in the 32nd Legislative District. Althoff has chosen to step down from the seat as of September 30, 2018.

Wilcox is currently running as the Republican nominee for the 32nd Legislative District Senate seat in the November General election.

The 32nd Legislative District encompasses portions of both McHenry and Lake Counties which allowed both the McHenry County Chairman, Diane Evertsen, and the Lake County Chairman, Mark Shaw, to confer relative to the selection as set forth by Illinois State Statute.

Lake County Republican Chairman Mark Shaw, who also serves as Illinois State Republican Co-Chairman, noted that,

“Colonel Wilcox’s many years of leadership in the U.S. Military and on the McHenry County Board, make him imminently qualified to ‘hit the ground running’ in his representation of residents from the 32nd Legislative District in Springfield”.


Craig Wilcox Sworn Into State Senate — 7 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger, no need to clarify where the photo was taken from. We know where your priorities are when it comes to free dinner. Stay tuned…meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. “did not want her opponent to claim that her legislative position would influence voters to support her.” I’ve read and re-read that sentence and can’t figure it out. Can anyone help?

  3. Joe, can’t help you on that one but the bigger question would be what has she done for all the years that she cashed in on the good name of her father-in-law and it has kept her in office.

    She is first a Politician with a capital “P.”

    Now we’re stuck with her for four years on the county board.

    The kind thing for her to do would be go home and give the taxpayers a break.

    Good luck to Wilcox.

    If he does one good thing in office we’ll all be ahead of where Althoff leaves us.

  4. Dogsforlife is right on target.

    Althoff is the RINO Queen. She brags she voted for Hillary!

  5. The PCs need to educate the voters then, because they keep voting. her in!

  6. I was asked to be there, that day and prayed for protection of him for God to give him wisdom to be the best Senator, that he could be.

    Retired Air Force Colonel, you can’t ask for someone more dedicated, for the good of the U.S.A.

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