Farms, Business Cut Out of Jack Franks’ Valley Hi Property Tax Rebate Program

Besides the 5,500 homeowners who do not take a Homestead Exemption, all business property and farms are excluded from the partial re-distribution of real estate taxes paid by all property owners in years past.

Democrats in Illinois have signed on to a progressive income tax.

The property tax is progressive, too, with wealthier people generally owning more expensive homes.

And all property owners were forced to pay taxes they should not have been for the Valley Hi Nursing Home Fund to have accumulated some $40 million.

Yet the resolution passed onto the McHenry County Board after having been devised by attorney and County Board Chairman Jack Franks proposes rebates at a flat rate of $100 per homeowning household, regardless of its value.

Does that sound arbitrary and capricious?

Below is the memo explaining the resolution:


Farms, Business Cut Out of Jack Franks’ Valley Hi Property Tax Rebate Program — 11 Comments

  1. Those votes are tough to buy.

    So, to those taxpayers Franks says “Bye!”

  2. Why isn’t this boondoggle just closed down?

    There’s nothing like it in any collar county I know of, where the County actually runs a nursing home.

    Will McHenry open a Dental Clinic; Betty Ford type Rehab Clinic; a clinic to show people, even illegal aliens, how to latch onto more benefits and perks?

    How about a McHenry County College of Beauty, where people can learn to be cosmeticians and pedicurists!

    What gives?

    Who’s in valley Hi anyway?

    Look at the registered voting lists, to start.

    I have!

    How can Alzheimer Dx’d persons continue to vote election after election?

    Even after they’re dead!!!

    Don Doherty was right, years ago, when he said Valley Hi wasn’t really ‘open for all.’

    Sure there’s a few people there with no political connections, but that’s for window dressing!

    Why won’t the fake news Herald conduct any investigation of it????

    The whole thing is crazy and the taxpayers are the fools charged for the lunacy!

  3. I think I have the solution for Valley Hi.

    One that’s really just and fair.

    Change the place to: ‘Alden Township Lunatic Asylum,’ and put Franks and his County Board wimplings into it, along with most of the County’s Mayors and School Superintendents.

    The inmates will still feel they are quite important, but their damage to the public will be significantly minimized.

    We can print up hundreds of thousands of blank (but non-negotiable) checks for Mr. Franks to sign with a set of colored magic markers, and he can sign away all day to his heart’s content.

    We can give him a set of ventriloquist’s dummies, and he can hold sway with them if the living fellow inmates won’t cooperate with him.

    I’ve already checked with our Secretary of State, who said he’ll bring his famous tumblers to the asylum to entertain the group. Some of the retail foodstores will send them free ice cream, too. It should be swell! See, everybody will be happy!

  4. Send up the Bat Signal.

    Chuck Wheeler’s gonna need to stock up his utility belt, with more of that Franks repellent.

  5. So about $100k for check stock and “3rd party services”.

    Someone is getting a nice payday for this while most get a little smoke screen.

    Typical Democrat tactics; give a little and steal a lot!

    Question is who….?

  6. Enlighten me. Which statutes allow for the refund of property taxes to homeowners?

    Do these statutes allow for redistribution in a manner other than collected?

    It would seem that property tax law would not allow you to collect from one homeowner and give to another.

    Also, close spending close to 2% of the total refund mailing checks doesn’t seem that smart either.

    Perhaps there is a better way to handle this situation.

  7. Why not just decide to not collect taxes for Valley Hi, but continue to operate it, and let the savings decline naturally, if your goal is to reduce their total funds?

    That would avoid all concerns about unfairness, perception of bribery, legal questions over statutory authority, administrative costs to determine who does and doesn’t get rebates, and pretty much every concern that’s been brought up.

    It would still be a win for taxpayers and it would probably be easier to build a consensus among politicians to do that instead of this flawed rebate plan.

    Have any county board members given press releases about this? It seems like such a low-hanging fruit, that I’m puzzled why they haven’t said anything yet. These are either the laziest people on the planet or they’re making some backroom deal to go through with this, possibly in exchange for future privatization of Valley Hi.

  8. Oh, come on American!

    They couldn’t consider a proposal that would make so much sense.

    If it’s to be made it has to benefit somebody politically.

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