McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Opponents Officially Surface

Saw my first four by four foot sign in opposition to the consolidation of the McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township after the 2021 elections.

Anti-McHenry Township Road District consolidation referendum sign on ridge Road.

This sign was on Ridge Road south of Wonder Lake just before the “Vote Yes” sign that was vandalized.

“Vote Yes” sign vandalized  on Ridge Road in the western part of McHenry Township.  It is now straightened a bit, but still not completely upright.

And the Northwest Herald ran a story about the referendum focusing on whether there would be cost savings, but without even mentioning that having five members of the Township Board in control, rather than one Road Commissioner, might provide for better oversight of Road District expenditures.

And, the opposition committee has filed as a Political Action Committee with the State Board of Elections.

Such filings are required when a committee has raised or spent $5,000.

Here is the paperwork:


McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Opponents Officially Surface — 9 Comments

  1. What’s wrong with this Picture?

    Craig Adams, township supervisor, Carol Pershke, ex-township assessor, and Tina Hill all trying to take away the vote from the taxpayer.

    They have already cost taxpayers thousands of dollars pursuing a losing, frivolous lawsuit.

    There’s nothing they won’t do to try to maintain power in McHenry Township.

    Make the smart vote.

    Support the green team.

    Vote YES.

  2. Did Tina Hill get another DUI pinch? Is that why she ‘flew the coop’?

    It’s time for SBOE complaint. Look at the Statement page 2.

  3. Paul Revere is a Township stooge.

    Carol “I’m really, really smart” Pershke is the most disliked/hated politician in the whole County.

    That’s how she managed to lose as a RINO Republican to a Hillary Democrat(Mary Mahady)as a RINO Republican to a Hillary Democrat.

    Can you figure out why all these township crooks are circling the wagons to defend a useless layer of government and costly taxing body?

    Crain’s Business can tell you:

    “But Illinois’ townships, now numbering a staggering 1,431, aren’t delivering on their promise to the 8 million people they serve and tax. Townships should be abolished, with their functions assumed by cities and counties that can get the job done better, cheaper and more fairly.

    State law gives townships only three obligations: to assess property for tax purposes, to maintain roads in unincorporated areas and to provide general assistance to the poor.


    Tax assessments often are made by untrained township assessors who set their own policies, make their own rules and treat taxpayers unequally and inequitably.

    While townships maintain residential roads only in unincorporated areas, they tax all township property even if it’s within an overlapping municipality, in which case the property owner ends up paying to maintain unincorporated roads along with his or her own city’s or village’s. And in providing aid to the needy, township supervisors arbitrarily can set their own eligibility criteria and benefit levels, doling out taxpayer money for food, rent and other assistance as they alone deem fair.

    Just as troubling, townships often maintain bloated bureaucracies, favor patronage payrollers and hoard cash that rightfully should be rebated to taxpayers.”

  4. Townships suck $$$ out of our pockets.

    Get rid of the Township Road District.

    They still owe me $$ for destroying my mailbox and damaging my fence bc the snowplower couldn’t see and/or drive straight.

    The Road Dist Do-nothing won’t return my calls.

  5. Did you notice the biggest supporters of Township misgovernment are township employees and officials, and their families who suck sustenance from our veins?

    Anderson isn’t trying to get his kids township jobs.

  6. It looks like the fools didn’t even sign the correct lines on page 2 of their D-1 form.

    If theyyre a ballot initiative committee, they shoudl have signed on the ballot initiative line.

    is this even valid?

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