Is McHenry County Board Courting a Class Action Suit on Flat Rate $100 per Household Valley Hi Rebate?

Valley Hi Nursing Home fund’s cash on hand from FY 2006 through FY 2016 (projected). Over $41 million currently.

Come October 16th the McHenry County Board will be voting on whether to draw down the incredible Valley Hi Nursing Home surplus of about $40 million by an amount equal to $100 per household.

$8.8 million in checks would be written to 2018 taxpayers who have paid their taxes on time and how have claimed a Homestead Exemption.

That number is estimated to be 88,000 households.


According to theĀ Census Bureau, there are 118,485 housing units in McHenry County.

78.9% are owner-occupied.

That’s 93,484 households.

It appears 5.500 or so folks have not filed for a Homestead Exemption, but live in homes they own.

The median (half above, half below) value of these residences is $200,500.

There are all sorts of questions about the equity of such a distribution.

Firstly, where is such a rebate authorized in state law?

Secondly, considering no 2018 taxpayer paid anything to the Valley Hi Fund, why would 2018 homeowners be the ones to receive the largess?

This is surplus property tax money, accumulated over the years.

Many people who were overtaxed for Valley Hi have moved out of McHenry County.

The Davenport Funeral Home woulds receive no Valley Hi surplus real estate tax rebate.

Others have died.

Some other homeowners have Homestead Exemptions in other states, where one is precluded from having a Homestead Exemption in another state.

And, what about businesses and farmland?

They helped finance the surplus.

Shouldn’t they be getting a refund also?

Those owning more valuable homes paid more than those worth less.

How can it be justified to give a check of the same amount to each household?

The distribution plan seems arbitrary and capricious, don’t you think?

Is the County Board setting itself up for a class action lawsuit?


Is McHenry County Board Courting a Class Action Suit on Flat Rate $100 per Household Valley Hi Rebate? — 3 Comments

  1. Seriously, I’m more offended some political f’wit, thinks giving back only $8.8 M out of $41 M stolen from taxpayers is acceptable.

    But hey it’s Illinois.

  2. I have to presume that the County Board would ask the State’s Attorney for an opinion and that would be the end of the conversation.

    I guess the next question would be can a part or all of the surplus be transferred to the general fund for a like amount reduction in the next levy?

  3. Jack’s little brother, the dumber one, wants to take the class action case!

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