County Board Candidate Lori Parrish’s Fundraiser

Lori Parrish greeted her guests.

Overlapping McHenry County Board candidate Carolyn Schofield’s fundraiser Tuesday evening at Crystal Lake Brewing was one for Lori Parrish at the Bulldog Ale House.

State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally and State Rep.candidate Tom Weber can be seen in the center of this picture.

I met Parrish’s running mate, Joe Gottemoller, coming out of the establishment on his way to Schofield’s event.

Lori Parrish chats with County Board member Jim Kearns. In the background can be seen Cary Grade School Board President Scott Coffey, Nunda Township Trustee Ron Parrish and Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio, running for County Clerk.

Some, such as County Auditor Shannon Teresi, County Board member John Reinert, plus County Board candidate Josh Howell, whom I saw at Schofield’s, came to Parrish’s.

State Rep. candidate Tom Weber and his wife Becki converse with McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi toward the end of the fundraiser.

In addition, there were County Sheriff Bill Prim and State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, plus County Board members Jim Kearns and Chris Christensen, plus McHenry County College Trustee Karen Tirio.


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