Lauren Underwood Holding Town Hall Meeting at McHenry VFW Oct. 8th

Looking for information about the Queen of Hearts raffle in McHenry, I happened upon the following announcement on the VFW’s Facebook page.

Don’t know whether the scheduling was deliberately set to piggyback off the raffle, but, regardless, it’s a good move.

Underwood is running against incumbent Republican Randy Hultgren.


Lauren Underwood Holding Town Hall Meeting at McHenry VFW Oct. 8th — 15 Comments

  1. Nurse, heal thyself!

    She’s an LGBTQ degenerate, with a pretty face, and a history of screw ups and lying.

    “This month we celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ community,” said Lauren Underwood. “The Human Rights Campaign is an organization that boldly fights for equality and I am proud to stand with HRC and have their endorsement.

    and, she’s a loser in November!

  2. What do want to talk about?

    Getting back zero growth?

    Punching ourselves in the face with the old trade agreements?

    Increase taxes?

    Or how about my favorite, dumbo cash dropping billions of dollars to religious psychos with nuke programs?

    Your choice.

  3. The VFW is normally closed on Monday and the raffle does not start again until January 8.

  4. Hultgren has been a mealymouthed embarrassment.

    Toss him out! Underwood is a smart, passionate voice of reason.

    No wonder so many of this peanut gallery has to smear her.

  5. Calling a Republican mealy mouth while being an Underwood supporter is like throwing a brick from a glass house.

    Has she even committed to whether she wants universal health care or whether she wants to “improve” obamacare?

    It’s astounding that Democrats get a pass on walking the fence on this issue.

    One scenario is aimed at destroying private health care, the other is literally a mandate to buy private insurance.

    Dems don’t have a message other than oppose Trump and let in a bunch of illegal aliens.

    Look at their message on taxes at both the federal and state level.

    Raise them, but only on the rich, but we won’t define what that means or what the rates should be.

    Absolute buffoons.

    What is their message at the county level? Taxes are too high, but also we need more social services??

    No wonder even the failing Northwest Herald gave ZERO endorsements to local Dems.

  6. Joe is correct that we need some new representation. She is bright and has a great platform.

    On another note, ole abe, I thought you moved. Not yet able to make a decision with a plan, I’m thinking.

  7. Interesting that on her campaign website it is not indicated that she is a Democrat.

    Anyway, no patriotic American should vote for any Democrat candidate, anywhere for
    any position until such time that the once decent Democratic Party rids itself of
    far left wing radicals and their destructive agenda for our cities, states and our
    Nation. Democrats are the ones who welcome invaders into our Nation and then
    protect them from federal agencies such as ICE. Democrats are for sanctuary
    cities and states that protect the invaders. Democrats support confrontation, “Get
    in their faces”, of Trump Administration employees and Republican politicians.
    Democrats cannot be trusted.

  8. @tom – you’re not capable of rational thought, you’ve already proven that beyond all
    reasonable doubt.

    What you call thinking is nothing more than mental masturbation.

  9. Hey, for once I agree with the lamebrain democrats, at least Kvidera’s observation, “Hultgren has been a mealymouthed embarrassment.”

    He’s a RINO, a never-Trumper, a phony and milquetoast in need of a spine.

    He thought the Iraq war was a great idea.

    He thinks the NSA should spy on every single American.

    He’s an unregistered agent of two foreign powers (Israel and Saudi Arabia.)

    But even so, voting for Underwood is like voting for a Bobby Rush-Maxine Walters hybrid on crack, wrapped in a Rainbow flag, shouting “Russian Interference!” “Open Borders!” “White Privilege!” Blah, blah, blah.

    That’s why Hultgren gets my vote.

  10. Couldn’t ask for a better sunshine political analysis. Very compelling…32 days…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww

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