Pritzker Takes Heat on Toilet Removal (“Game of Thrones”) to Avoid Real Estate Taxes

$330,000 is about what billionaire and Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker saved by removing toilets from the mansion he bought next door to his mansion.

Today, the paper that discovered the deception, the Chicago Sun-Times, has a delightful headline, “Game of Thrones.”

Chicago Sun-Times “Game of Thrones” treatment of the JB Pritzker toilet scancal.

The Sun-Times put its article way back on page 11, but the Chicago Tribune gave it front page placement, even if it did not have as catchy a headline:

Chicago Tribune story on JB Pritzker’s toilet removal scandal.

After Pritzker said he would pay the avoided taxes, opponent Bruce Rauner commented, “A bank robber who gives the money back is still a bank robber.”


Pritzker Takes Heat on Toilet Removal (“Game of Thrones”) to Avoid Real Estate Taxes — 7 Comments

  1. No big thing, it’s typical ChiTown DEMOCRAT lawless behavior.

    It’s not like Jumbo Boy has to worry about doing prison time for the frauds he committed,
    as you and I would be subject to.

    And besides, Jumbo Boy will be getting a fat 330k write-off on his next property tax deduction
    when he files his next income tax.

    Do as I say, not as I do, sayeth the DEMOCRATS.

  2. Democrats don’t care about such crookedness …. look how they flocked to Witch Hillary!

  3. Yes yes democrats don’t care!

    Not like WE REBUBLICANS do!

    That’s why we continually turn a blind eye to Trump’s crimes!

    It’s funny that the same day this came out, we have an exhaustive report on Trump’s 4 decades of tax avoidance but THIS is what Cal chooses to fret about! $450 million here, $28 million there, another $100 million here- pretty soon that adds up to real money!

    Think Trump will pay it back?

    Think he could?

  4. How did Pritzker gain all of his wealth of well over $One Billion? Through his intelligence, smarts, very hard work, etc? Or, was he given most of the money from his ultra rich family?

  5. The mostly left wing media and their reporters and commenters were quick to point out Chris Christee’s body weight when he was a candidate. Where are the lefties in Illinois with regard to Pritzker? Silence from them. The old double standard.

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