Turkey in Crystal Lake

This turkey or one looking quite similar perched on the railing of Martin Johnson Tax & Financial Services, Inc.

Here is the photo from the porch of a Woodland Drive resident:

Wild turkey on Woodland Drive porch in Crystal Lake.

Maybe there is more than one.

I saw a whole family crossing a road in Bull Valley in 2017.

Ten turkeys crossing Mason Hill Road in Bull Valley during 2017.


Turkey in Crystal Lake — 7 Comments

  1. From the headline, I thought it was a story about Aaron Shepley or Mike Tryon

  2. I live well off the road and have no neighbors within easy walking distance.

    Early one morning, I heard urgent knocking at a sliding glass door at the back of my of my house.

    Since there were no cars in my driveway, I was a bit concerned, so I grabbed a gun before I went to check the door.

    It was a turkey pecking away at his reflection in the glass.

    It happens with some frequency now, but that first time was a bit disconcerting.

  3. I have a Harvard mailing address, but I live in an unincorporated area between Woodstock and Harvard.

    There are scads of turkeys in my neck of the woods.

    Sometimes in the winter, I’ll see thirty or more of them together.

    They’ve really come back in the last five years.

    I used to rarely, if ever, see them.

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