Federal Judge Plans to Issue Written Opinion on McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Opponents’ Suit

Federal Circuit Court Judge Frank Kapala heard arguments for and against holding a referendum in November calling for consolidating the McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township.

That would put the five members of the Township Board in control of the Highway Department starting in 2021 after the next Township elections.

Now, with very little check and balance, the Highway Department is run by the Township Road Commissioner.


Federal Judge Plans to Issue Written Opinion on McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Opponents’ Suit — 9 Comments

  1. The Township Officials of Illinois financed lawsuit will soon be trashed.

    Message to losers Mahady and Craig Adams: Bye-Bye fraudsters.

    Thanks for ripping off the taxpayers with a frivolous suit.

    This is what leisure-class public officials do to try and keep their fat, overfed faces in the trough at our expense.

    Mahady will soon have another loss to weep over come Nov. 6th.

  2. Recent TOI conference …

    Township flack speaker: “Remember to tell the scheeple that without Townships, our state will crumble into a Third World type of society. And we will also enter into a new Ice Age, plus the New Madrid tectonic fault will spring up with a record magnitude 12 point Richter Scale series of eathquakes killing 87% of Illinoisans outright. Any questions.”

    Township stooge in audience:

    “But Mr. Speaker, We already have a Third World status and who’s gonna pay our fat pensions??

    What about the 17 counties that abolished townships during the Depression when the taxpaying sheeple was broke and people started to examine what townships really did for their tax costs?”


    “Just spread more lies about the roads going into a Mad Max kind of disrepair, and tell them the idiots who abolished their townships and who are now no longer pension-burdened never did a study!”

  3. The real question is: Did Beltran, Lady Gottlieb (pink p hat ninny), Her Majesty Mary Mahady and the official Township Slug (Craig Adams) do a study on how much their stupid suit cost the taxpayers!

  4. Jimmy ‘the Squeeze’ Condon said He tried to read the suit, but reading that much gives him a headache.

    So, he just stayed at Rusty Nail and ordered another Moscow Mule Double … I just wonder if he used his township credit card for it like Miller taught him.

  5. The Illinois Legislature modified Township law to make the Highway Commissioner position a dictatorship – Now McSweeny wants to make the position of County Chairman a dictatorship.

    Pay attention voters.

  6. I believe Kapala is a U.S. district court judge.

    The federal district courts are trial level courts and circuit courts are appellate courts.

    The court system for the State of Illinois is exactly the opposite.

    I don’t see a federal issue here either.

  7. Gasser backer did the trustees do a study to see how much money they have cost taxpayers since they have been elected?

    Legal fees have more then tripled in McHenry Township since they came along.

    File a foia I will wait

  8. Machone, Are you Bob Miller or some other township insect?

    Townships are passe. Get a real job! Get your GED first though.

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