Jack Franks $50 Fundraiser Saturday

Saturday morning at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is holding his annual low cost breakfast fundraiser for local residents.

The minimum price is $50, according to one person who received an invitation.

The biggest number listed is $1,000.

Unfortunately, that invitation got tossed.

If any reader would be willing to share this year’s mailing, my address is

275 Meridian St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Jack Franks $50 Fundraiser Saturday — 4 Comments

  1. Will Mr. Lichte be there with his bib and minder?

    Will the Zahoriks deign to come?

    Will Marti Swanson make up w/ Jack?

    Will Rick Jett buy a table or two and charge it to the City?

    Will the grateful LGBT ‘community’ show in force or in drag?

    Will Planeed Parenthood buy a table?

    Will the Pritzker get off his porcelain throne to come?

    Will crow be served?

    Will barf bags be handed out for Kwame Swamee Raoul’s keynote address about “Transgenderism For Pre-Schoolers”

    Will more than 50 come (many with free tix)?

    Will Jacks Section 8 supporters be subsidized?

    Will Nygren go?

    These are questions that should be addressed.

  2. This is what they gave out for breakfast.

    When I first approached the ‘Chef’ at cutting board station, I thought it was some kind of roast, but it wasn’t!

    The menu card read: “Lamproie géante grillée à la Franks avec Lyonnaise sauce”


  3. Wow, you people are sick, sick, sick.

    Go back to Hillbilly land.

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