County Board Candidates from Districts 1, 2 & 3 on Display Tonight at MCC

The McHenry County League of Women Voters will hold a forum for County Board candidates running in Districts 1, 2, and 3 on Monday, October 8th.

In District 1 the following are candidates:

  • Republican Bob Nowak
  • Republican Christopher Spoerl
  • Democrat Michael Vijuk

District 2 candidates are

  • Republican Carolyn Schofield
  • Republican Josh Howell
  • Democrat Suzanne Ness

In District 3, the following are on the ballot:

  • Republican Joe Gottmoller
  • Republican Lori Parish
  • Democrat Kelli Wegener

You can meet the candidates informally starting at 6:30.

The forum starts at 7.


County Board Candidates from Districts 1, 2 & 3 on Display Tonight at MCC — 7 Comments

  1. Joe Gottemoller? Jack Franks’ little brown-noser.

    I only count 5 real Republicans on the Board as it is, now that Wilcox resigned.


    What’s wrong with the County GOP?

  2. @ Lady Jane:

    Nothing whatsoever is wrong with the current GOP leadership in fact the bulk, the entirety of the GOP leadership which sits currently backed candidates in the last primaries which were soundly defeated by the Wizardry of the Democrats led by that underhanded leader whose name is so well known to us all. SEE: LYINGJACKFRANKS.COM TO

    Soon we’ll know (hopefully) to what degree, the ‘Executive ruler of McHenry County played a part.

  3. No one wants to run and face the #FAKENEWS machine.

    I spoke with maybe 15 people this past December and January – good conservative folks – and not one of them wanted to run.

    They didn’t like how they would be portrayed.

    They worried about their families and livelyhoods.

    Look what the crazies on the left just did to Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

    Look what Jack Franks tried to do to Joe Tirio – and all he ever did was what he promised he would do.

    I sincerely hope it is true that there is not pending state legislation trying to pressure and manipulate all the great work that the grassroots conservative network is accomplishing here locally.

    Look at what political class has done to those who stand up against them.

    It is pretty brutal.

    People will talk a lot of crap about the current GOP leadership but I think its more the voting electorate themselves.

    They are more concerned with Dancing with the Stars than their local skrool board.

    Everyone wants better candidates but no one steps up.

    It is not difficult to run or even fund raise when you are a strong conservative.

    Diane and Co. have done a good job with what the base has given them.

    Even now people are complaining about candidates to me personally.

    I turn it around and ask them, “Will you run next time? I will help you.”

    Not one has said yes… and when they tell me no, sometimes with adjectives, I don’t even tell them goodbye.

    I just hang up.

    These people won’t show up for a parade or attend a fundraiser because of what people might think of them.

    They will whine and complain about property taxes and corruption and then just let it go.

    There are a lot of good, not great, but good candidates out there who need to step up.

    There are some great ones out there too.

    You all need to step up and run.

    The Tirio’s and Wilcox’s will not be around forever.

    Where is the next line of PCs?

    Where are the next city council members?

    Where are the next skrool board members?

    If you do not like the party – become the party.

  4. lady Jane

    What’s wrong with the county GOP?

    Everetson is whats wrong with the county party.

    no respectable Republican wants to be asociated with a extremist.

    Times change so should old blood.

    people like her are why no one wants to show their face as a GOP even if they vote for republicans.

  5. Actually, I like Evertsen.

    I don’t like the RINOS who run the County Board and dance to the “jackal’s” rap-tunes!

    We’re supposed so Republican out here, but I see RINO losers like Reick and Althoff and Salvi-Wheeler.

    I see the County Tax machine and my property tax bills.

    I see loser liberal judges hold sway at the Courthouse.

    I see a State’s Attorney who laughs at outright swindlers like the Miller Gang.

    I see School Districts run by actual Communists.

    I see a County Board constantly outmaneuvered by a sh++heel democratic crook.

  6. I agree with the Lady!

    Too many go-along and get-along types here.

    Reick is a perfect RINO example.

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