Sign Vandalism by Republicans

Former McHenry County Board member Nick Chirikos sent the following:

We don’t talk much but I am asking you to post this to your blog with pictures.
This appeared on my Facebook page this morning.
If there is any civility left in McHenry County, now is the time to show it.
Nick Chirikos
= = = = =
Michael Vijuk sign finally stolen.

Vehicle tracks can be seen in the wet shoulder running over Michael Vijuk’s sign.

After three times of pulling Vijuk’s sign from the bushes at the corner of Haeger’s Bend and Spring Creek Roads, the mean-spirited right-wing child of McHenry County Republican politics finally decided to steal the sign altogether.

Now the Michael Vijuk sign has disappeared.

This is how Republicans conduct themselves in local elections.

Theft, intimidation, vandalism.
Local police refuse to get involved.
County prosecutors refuse to enforce the law.
No Democrat I know of would stoop this low.
This sign was walking distance from the homes of County Coroner Ann Majewski and her mother (and long-time Republican operative) Lewanne Majewski.
I do not accuse these women, rather I ask them now: PLEASE TELL YOUR REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATES TO STOP THIS BEHAVIOR.
Stealing and vandalizing signs is not going to change ONE VOTE.
It’s illegal, whether or not you are caught. You need to hold yourselves to a higher standard.


Sign Vandalism by Republicans — 25 Comments

  1. You “don’t know of one Democrat that would stoop this low?”

    Are you friggin’ kidding me Chirikos?

    Look at the life threatening tactics of the Democrat Party!

    They are obscene and they live to intimidate, threaten, and scream at the top of their lungs when they don’t get their political way!

    Sarah Sanders, Kavanaugh, Collins, Flake, even Democrat Manchin have been ruthlessly treated by Democrats!

    Democrats are Calling Republicans white supremisists, wishing those who support Kavanaugh to be raped!

    Wishing certain Republicans children to be murdered!


    And you’re whining about a yard sign and claiming Democrats take a higher road?

    Earth to You!

  2. It’s quite common for political candidates or their supporters to to vandalize and/or “steal” their own signs and then blame their opposition.

    The publicity generated is worth far more than the cost of a sign, and in the case of a bogus theft, there is no cost at all.

    It’s very similar to the situation that sometimes occurs on college campuses when racist/antisemitic/homophobic graffiti appears.

    More often than not, the graffiti artist turns out to be a member of the very same grievance community that was supposedly targeted by the graffiti.

  3. Was someone acting out what Feinstein and Warren suggested?

  4. Does Barrington Hills have the same rules about illegal temp signs like Lakewood has?

  5. Nick, group guilt is a morally noxious concept.

    To say, “Republicans do this” means, literally, “all Republicans”.

    It is a false statement, and you know it.

    And, Nick, when you say, “I don’t know any Democrats who would do this”, I can only assume you know few Democrats, because you and I have both seen Republican signs vandalized in the past.

    And when you ask the Majewskis to tell their Republican associates to “stop this behavior”, you engage in character assassination because you imply the Majewskis know who the perpetrators are and control them.

    Shame on you.

    It’s too bad you didn’t write a more balanced note, saying “This goes on in elections, both sides do it, they shouldn’t, and I call on the leadership of both parties to condemn such actions”.

    THAT I would have supported.

  6. The former county board member is a Democrat? In this day and age no Democrat is to be trusted nor believed given the tone and tenor of top Democrat politicians in D.C. and around the nation. A top Democrat from CA and in the U.S. Congress, Maxine Waters, called for Americans to “Get in the faces” and harass members of the Trump Administration and Republican politicians.

    Goofball people who support Democrats listened to this directive and then proceeded to harass Republican politicians and Trump Administration persons in restaurants. Sarah Sanders and her husband, Ted Cruz and his wife, the Director of Homeland Security and others were confronted in restaurants and forced to leave The very top leadership of the Democrat Party such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been silent on this matter. They should have condemned the words of Maxine Waters and so far have not. Our own dope Senator Dick has also been silent.

    Do not support any Democrat politician in that they are part of the Democrat Party which has been taken over by extreme left wing radicals and socialists.

  7. Civility …. Oh you must mean like the Illinois Integrity Fund that Democrat hit piece that specialized in lies to win the primary for RINOs

  8. This has been going on for years.

    One of the races that always had a lot of this was between candidates for Sheriff.

    And yes, they were Republicans.

    We all know the lows that some Democrats will stoop to.

    It is now their MO to accuse others of what they themselves are doing in an effort to cover it up.

    Their national leaders are truly the lowest form of life.

  9. thats a knee slapper. a sign goes missing so you name where a government employee lives and her mother because they are Republicans.

    You’re an idiot Chirikookooo. what a kook.

  10. and plus if you consider an elderly lady who educates herself and participates in elections as a political operative then DAMMIT WE NEED MORE POLITICAL OPERTIVES WHO GIVE A DAMN

  11. Might the former Democratic county board member be in lockstep with the top, top leadership of the Democrat Party as exemplified by the recent Senate Judiciary hearings and the vote on Bret Kavanaugh? Top Democrats by their modus opeandi solidly advocates for the suspension of “Due Process” AND believes that a person accused of a crime is Guilty until proven Innocent.

    We are in very dangerous times given the behavior and actions by Democratic politicians from many States around the Nation. The Democratic Party needs to reorganize and expunge the extreme radical leftist elements from their leadership.

  12. Look, I don’t need some braindead Grievance Studies Major tell me how bad my driving is.

    But not every campaign sign that’s jumps out in front of my truck is my fault, ok?

  13. Where was Vijoke and/or Chirikos when it all supposedly happened?

  14. Speaking of bad driving, anybody notice the wild west on I90 west of 53 and out to Rockford? It has a speed limit of 70. So, if you mind your own business and safely drive at 70 in the far right lane there are people who appear to be going 80, 85 and maybe 90. Some of them are not satisfied apparently with those going 80 in the far left lane, so they zig and zag and slalom between left, middle and right lanes so that they can go 85, 90 or even higher. Where are the cops?

  15. That sign appears to in the right if way so it is illegally placed.

  16. Wow Chirikos I am still laughing if you think we’d believe anything you wrote.HAha HAha choke gag sputter

  17. Never heard of the guy.

    The blight of Alg twnshp highway Dept pleading on behalf of his yard sign and just short of blaming a well known hardworking senior citizen Republican is sure to screw this chances even more.

    Good work, Chirikos! SMH

  18. “Buah, buah, buah! People are driving too fast. Buah, buah, buah! While good people like me follow the law, all these other people make me nervous driving too fast…buah, buah, buuuaaaaaaaaaahhh! Where are the good old fashioned republican cops to take care of these democrat law breakers”? Compassionate conservative snowflakes, always entertaining. Stay tuned…26 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  19. Mr. Chirikos,

    Your accusation that my mother or I would ever stoop to such a petty act is pathetic.

    Sounds like projection.

    We have our own frontage with signs that speak for themselves.

  20. Mr. Chirikos:

    I only learned of your post this morning but will respond shortly.

    P.S. To describe me as an “operative” is laughable.

    Lou Anne Majewski (Please note the correct spelling of my name LOU ANNE.)

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