Tribune Joins Daily Herald in Endorsing Peter Roskam for Re-Election

This is from the Peter Roskam Campaign:

Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald agree – Peter Roskam best represents Sixth District

WHEATON, IL — This weekend, Editorial Boards from both the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune announced their endorsements of Peter Roskam for the Sixth Congressional District race. Both papers highlight Roskam’s bipartisanship, independence and his track record of advancing solutions:

In Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade, Peter Roskam, representing McHenry County south of Crystal Lake Avenue (Alqonquin Township)) marched with his wife Elizabeth and supporters behind a banner with his name.

Daily HeraldRoskam’s record offers a reassuring assessment of his inclination to act as a check on the president’s more troubling impulses and of the role he can play as a collaborative lawmaker.

Chicago Tribune: Roskam is a fiscal conservative who takes leadership positions in Congress. He’s not a member of the Republican chorus that simply shouts down the opposing party’s ideas.

Both Boards recognized Roskam’s commitment to representing the values of the Sixth District, whether it means voting with his party or not. While the Daily Herald focused on Roskam’s proven record of independence and effective representation of his constituents…

Roskam, of Wheaton, was quick, forceful and unequivocal, for instance, in his condemnations of the president’s ill-advised tariffs and the administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the Mexican border. 

He voted against the president and his party on cutting funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, worked against Trump to restore funding to protect the Great Lakes and was among Republicans who joined Democrats to pass Russian sanctions that the White House originally opposed.

This kind of resistance has particular value coming from a high-ranking member within the president’s own party.

…the Chicago Tribune commended Roskam’s significant work bringing tax relief to his district and boosting our economy:

By far Roskam’s most significant contribution this term was his heavy lifting on the creation and passage of Trump’s tax reform bill.

The legislation is designed to spur faster economic growth, with a focus on cutting the corporate tax rate so American companies can compete against global rivals who pay less.

Both endorsements consisted of live debate and thorough analysis of the differences between Roskam and his opponent, Sean Casten, on a wide range of policies.

Peter Roskam

The Daily Herald Editorial Board concluded that Casten’s temperament and divisive rhetoric won’t work well for Sixth District residents.

“I’m honored to earn the endorsement of both the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune. I believe that civility is lacking in our public discourse, and I’m deeply committed to working with both Republicans and Democrats to advance solutions, not exchange insults,” said Peter Roskam.


Tribune Joins Daily Herald in Endorsing Peter Roskam for Re-Election — 9 Comments

  1. Who reads the Sun Times now?

    Who in this district actually buys the Sun Times?

  2. The Chicago Federation of Labor is one of the major owners of the Sun Times.

    It is now nothing more than a union newsletter.

  3. “Peter Roskam has shown great ability to update his CV.” This is from the sunshine blog…stay tuned…28 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. I’m assuming you’ll be posting soon about the Daily Herald’s endorsement of Lauren Underwood?

    Or perhaps you have another petty and immature poem to share on this great bastion of journalistic integrity?

  5. When it shows up on my twice daily listening of articles, I shall.

  6. With any luck, Illinois will lose four congressional seats in 2020 instead of two.

  7. Sean Casten is the guy who compared Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden and also flippantly stated that the taking of life in an abortion was just a medical procedure similar to a gall bladder operation. This guy is not fit to be in the U.S. Congress as a U.S. Representative.

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