Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Lauren Underwood over Randy Hultgren

A commenter wondered if I was going to point out that the Chicago Sun-Times had endorsed Democrat Lauren Underwood.

That comment was my first indication of the endorsement.

Here is what I read when I got around to reading Monday’s copy of the Sun-Times:

The Chicago Sun-Times has endorsed Lauren Underwood for Congress over incumbent Randy Hultgren.


Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Lauren Underwood over Randy Hultgren — 21 Comments

  1. Taking bets: Which fake news outlet folds first?

    1.) NWH
    2.) Sun-Times
    3.) NPR

  2. Lauren Underwood is not just a Democrat — she claims the “Progressive” label and sides with extreme liberals who do not hold our Illinois values.

    Lauren Underwood is proudly pro-choice and favors abortion without any restrictions. She favors partial-birth abortions and abortions for sex selection

    She favors restricting Second Amendment rights and having the federal government impose numerous gun control restrictions

  3. Lauren Underwood doesn’t like men.

    Black men, White men, Tibetan men.

    It don’t matter.

    Lauren Underwood’s a nurse, but says it’s OK to kill babies — even in the last week of pregnancy.

    She wants the state to pay for it with your taxes.

    She thinks every school needs an LGBTQ teacher. Not 1 freak, but an “L” plus a “G” plus a a “B” etc.

    Lauren Underwood hates homeschoolers, NRA members, zoo-keepers, cops, Judge Thomas, and all Republicans.

  4. so far I have received three mailings for Underwood…evidently the Demonrats have an unlimited budget and will BUY it for Underwood regardless of cost….

    Wondering why ….

  5. She was a top adviser in the Barack Hussein Obama regime. The worst ever president of the U.S.

  6. Dear compassionate conservative sunshine commenters: What are exactly “Illinois values?” Stay tuned…27 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  7. That’s right cat boy, only 27 days until the Red Wave sweeps across America.

    Good Call !

    Now see Nurse Lauren for your complementary Dr. Pepper enema.

  8. Boy the idea of an educated woman sure scares the bejesus out of you old white men.


  9. Educated? Gimme a break.

    Underwood is pure P-O-I-S-O-N !!!

  10. Joe is more hilariously terrified of “old white men”, than a dog seeing a Roomba for the first time.

  11. Boy, the idea of a Cultural Marxist sure excites the bejesus out
    of you America hating Leftists. Sad.

  12. She says she is a nurse but has no idea how Healthcare works!

    What is her stance on Foreign affairs?

    Again she has no clue!

    What about finances?

    Tax the rich of what every Democrat talking point but will never fix the problem!

    She has no clue about the Judiciary system!

    She is clueless, misinformed and unqualified!

  13. Honest Abe cultrual marxist should get it right first in counties they control before they bring that ideology to the USA.
    When they do that I might take a second glance at it although it probably won’t change my view.

    Right now the best deal around is capitalism and until you show me a better way I will fight till the end for it.

    Why aren’t you marxist immigrating back to marxist countries?

    It’s always the other way around.

    I’m not from Missouri but you still have to “show me!”


    Not an old white man!

  14. Hey Joe Kvidera, I’m an educated woman who will not be voting for Lauren Underwood.

    It’s not just the old white men.

    It amazes me how sheeple jump on the Casten, Underwood, JB campaigns.

    Throw around a few hot buzzwords and folks can’t get enough of these under qualified puppets.

    Those who can see past the BS will be voting red.

  15. She will be a disaster. And what’s with the Sideshow Bob hairdo?

  16. I heard she’s not even from around here-that they just dropped her here to run for this?

    Can anyone coo-borate, elaborate?

    Not voting for this Socialist Democrat anyway, but I would like to know if the Dems are playing games with this office.

    It wouldn’t surprise me.

  17. **Throw around a few hot buzzwords and folks can’t get enough of these under qualified puppets.**

    LOL – I bet you thought Rauner was qualified though. **eyeroll**

    **I heard she’s not even from around here-that they just dropped her here to run for this?**

    That is not true.

    She grew up and went to school in Naperville.

    Good try though.

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