Democrat Stealing Republican Sign

From Congressman Peter Roskam’s campaign:

Video: Casten supporter attempts to steal Roskam yard sign
Roskam calls on Casten to denounce sign theft

WHEATON, IL — Respectful disagreement and civility have been noticeably absent during this election cycle, and the rampant theft of political yard signs in the Sixth District is just one more example. Day after day, Roskam supporters are calling into the local campaign office reporting signs stolen from their yards and personal property—and one such attempt was caught on camera as a Sean Casten supporter hovered over a sign around 2 a.m. in a yard that has already reported several yard sign thefts. Peter Roskam is calling on Casten to end the dirty campaign tactics and denounce this illicit behavior by his supporters.

This past week, at a Roskam supporter’s home in Wheaton, a young man in a hoody was spotted in her front yard with both hands on the Roskam for Congress yard sign. When called out to, the young man jumped and claimed he was “just looking at the sign” and proceeded to try to ask her questions about her support for Roskam. The home has been a target of sign theft three times to date.

Over 250 Roskam for Congress yard signs have been stolen since their distribution starting on Labor Day, September 3—with over 100 of that number occurring in the past week.

Click here to watch the video.

This dirty campaigning is indicative of how Casten has conducted himself in front of his supporters and all voters. Casten has been seen and heard frequently touting vicious, partisan rhetoric in attempt to alienate Republican voters in the 6th District, referring to the party as “The Pedophile Party,” calling GOP donors, “morons,” and calling 6th District residents, “white people who don’t like to pay taxes.”

Casten may label himself as a political outsider; however, the divisive language,history as a lobbyistfraud allegations, fundraising partnership with Mike Madigan, and close alliances with J.B. Pritzker and Nancy Pelosi identify more with the makings of a corrupt Cook County candidate.

“Casten has already made a political career of name-calling and misrepresenting Roskam, but he and his campaign have crossed a clear line in going after Roskam’s supporters, trespassing on their property and stealing their yard signs,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “The dirty politics has to stop. Casten needs to take control of his campaign and denounce this childish and illegal activity from his supporters immediately.”


Democrat Stealing Republican Sign — 14 Comments

  1. No doubt this is the beginning of “Sign-gate”, a scandal of historic proportions that will bring down Mike Madigan, J.B. Pritzker, Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, Jack D. Franks, and the entire corrupt Democratic political machine in the state of Illinois. We owe our sunshine blogger an eternal debt of gratitude for keeping up with this important story and the well being of political signs for which we care so much. Stay tuned…28 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. Many democrats definitely love free speech unless you disagree with them.

    They prove this every day while they preach about being inclusive.

  3. Millennial garbage baby decides at 2 A.M., to debate homeowner, why they don’t want to give away more of their money.

  4. It’s a shame that this didn’t occur in Texas.

    It would have been legal to shoot the guy for theft or criminal mischief if it happened at night.

  5. Wow. Casten sounds like he took trump’s verbal attack playbook and brought it to his District.

  6. Do not trust nor vote for any Democrat anywhere in any town, city, state in the U.S. That Party through the many actions and words of their top leaders is anti-American.

  7. Re: “The Republikkkans are the sign stealers and creeps, yet they project their crimes on the progressives”

    Really? Have you watched the MSM news in past two months?

  8. I do think Angel is right about one thing. There are definitely fewer posters than we think as Angel is just one of his or her several aliases.

  9. Poppycock, Underwoodnow! The Democrats are the party of Nazis.

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